PMB The Beatles Rewired

This playlist it’s: The Beatles Rewired or reworked or reimagined or revivified or covered, if you want to be prosaic about it. Some squelchy, sharp, jumpy, lovable and horrid covers of everybody’s favourite mopping ’n’ topping-est band. 

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Featuring: The Electronic Concept Orchestra, Cathy Berbarian, Marty Gold, Mrs Millar, The Folkswingers, Enoch Light, William Shatner, Wing, George Shearing, Puccio Roelenes Orchestra


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PMB Volcano

We’re going volcanic. We’re loving that lava. We’re getting jiggy with geology. We’re poking that pyroclastic flow. Just try and stop us. Also, here’s some volcano themed musical choices.
You’re welcome.

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Featuring: The Bundos Band, The Volcanos, J Fernandez, Lyndon Scarfe, Weldon Kekauoha, The Tikiyaki Orchestra, Tradison, Jaya Satria, Los Roland’s, Dynatron, Peturbator.

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PMB Rolls Rush

To mark the release of an EP of steel drum covers of tunes by prog rockers Rush, DJ Bongo Boy and Space Disco Jeff trawl the depths of Spotify to bring you a selection of the best and most bizarre tributes to the Canadian trio. MC Zirconium would like it to be known that he had nothing to do with this episode – and furthermore resents strongly being locked in his Space Kennel while it was being put together.

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Featuring : Roderic Reece, Pan Rocks, Rockabye Baby!, Rakkatak, 8-Bit Misfits, Djungelduetten, Midnite String Quartet, The Bad Plus, Streetnix



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