PMB Doo Bee Doo

Songs where the lyrics are Doo Bee Doo and other such nonsense.

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Featuring: Henri Salvador, Giorgio Moroder, Caribbean Sound, The Pipkins, John Buzon Trio, Enoch Light, Edmundo Ros, Blossom Dearie, Hugo Montenegro, Piero Umiliani.

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PMB move

Moving on? Move up. Movin’ on up? This is the playlist for you. It’s all very moving. We like to move-it, move-it? Do you? You probably do. 

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Dorothy Ashby, Enoch Light, Womb Sound, Belbury Poly, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Lee Hazelwood, Prime Decades, Henk Badings, Tommy McCook,  The Supersonics

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PMB apollo 11

Celebrating the sparkling space event that is the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing, the only way we know how: with tunes!

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Peppino Principe, S U R V I V E,  Soil & “Pimp” sessions, Overthink, Hillsack, Holmes Ives,  Dim Dim, The Guilty Pleasures, Les Maquisards, Dr Samuel J. Hoffman, Les Baxter

see also PMB Lunar Glove


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