PMB Periodic Table is 150

The meisterwerk O’boxes that is the Periodic Table is 150 years old. So we got together some music that mentions elements:

Hydrogene, Osmium, Zirconium, Roentgenium, Magnesium, Beryllium, Neon, Thorium, Mercury, Arsenic, Sodium.

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PMB Data

Songs with “Data” in the title. Data. Juicy, juicy data. Fascinating data. Relevant data. Smelly data. We got all them datas. All your traditional data songs, here for you, to hear. Boom and also, bleep.

Listen to data on spotify.

Including tracks from: PYLOT, Com Truise, Pogo, Turbosplash, Skatebard, Marc Rebillet, Dubmood, Jorg Drexler, Droid Bishop, Wojciech Golczewski

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Charles Bell Pavilion & The Twelve Hour Foundation

Christmas has arrived for the patients and Speech and Language therapists at the Charles Bell Pavilion (brain and neurological rehabilitation), all thanks to the lovely Jez Butler and Polly Hulse of The Twelve Hour Foundation! Here are a small number of the new SLT games and therapeutic tools bought with proceeds raised by their marvellous Concrete Jingles mini EP. Merry Christmas everyone! #hohoho

Thanks Jez and Polly and thank you to everyone who helped support this.
Astley Ainslie Hospital

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