PMB African Synthesis

A kaleidoscopic, electronic musical adventure in Africa.
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Featuring: Arp Frique, Orlando Julius, Voilaaa, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, The Polyversal Souls, Hailu Mergia, Pasteur Lappe, Aura, Francis Bebey, Hama, Onipa, William Onyeabor

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PMB Let’s Business

Masters of the universe. This is your soundtrack. Let’s achieve, success. Power! Long car. Executive restroom access!

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Featuring: Gary Scargill, Peter Oldroyd, Christopher Duckenfield, Richard Browm,Rodger Dexter, Bill Clift, Carl Marsh, Geoffrey Woolley Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Nicolo Bardoni, and Stephan Warr.

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PMB Organ Today

Organ today. Organ tomorrow. Organ forever! If we can all just stop tittering at the thought of a powerful organ, long enough to appreciate this king of instruments. Designed to make the devil himself shudder. We can appreciate it’s vital function, it’s grandeur dare I say it’s funky majesty.

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Featuring: Lord Rockingham’s XI, Dick Hyman, Klaus Wunderlich, Lenny Dee, Claudia Hirschfeld, Les Hommes, Ethel Smith, Jean Martyn, Quintron and more.

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