PMB Let’s Business

Masters of the universe. This is your soundtrack. Let’s achieve, success. Power! Long car. Executive restroom access!

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Featuring: Gary Scargill, Peter Oldroyd, Christopher Duckenfield, Richard Browm,Rodger Dexter, Bill Clift, Carl Marsh, Geoffrey Woolley Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Nicolo Bardoni, and Stephan Warr.

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PMB Organ Today

Organ today. Organ tomorrow. Organ forever! If we can all just stop tittering at the thought of a powerful organ, long enough to appreciate this king of instruments. Designed to make the devil himself shudder. We can appreciate it’s vital function, it’s grandeur dare I say it’s funky majesty.

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Featuring: Lord Rockingham’s XI, Dick Hyman, Klaus Wunderlich, Lenny Dee, Claudia Hirschfeld, Les Hommes, Ethel Smith, Jean Martyn, Quintron and more.

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PMB House Plants

Don’t pretend you haven’t been confiding in your cacti in these trying times. That rubber plant used to be purely ornamental. Now it’s my BFF. Let’s celebrate our green friends with music. #GreenLeavesMatter

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Featuring: Mort Garson, Bruxas, ANAVONDEONDAN, The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, Video game players,  Habalayon, Lullatone,  Soft Pine,  Joel Fajerman, Die Kolibris, Jacques Dutronic

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