PMB003: All The Single Ladies (Angelo Michajlov,The Chanteuse and The Crippled Claw, Modified Toy Orchestra, Anamanaguchi, Leona Anderson, Rose Murphy, Pye Corner Audio, The Kokee Band,Wing, Liza Minnelli)

On the show this week we embrace our feminine side by playing a selection of tracks by some of the greatest female vocalists of the modern age (at least one of which we feel sure will be a life-changing experience).

In addition to the chantoozies, there’s music from another of our Twitter listeners (Pye Corner Audio), the sound of circuit-bent toys, chiptune and some soothing exotica.

MC Zirconium will also be telling us all about a triple ten baby, space nookie and the smell of the moon.

Listen now:

download the MP3.

The Music

1. Angelo Michajlov: Divka Na Kos Teti from Saxana: the Girl on a Broomstick
2. The Chanteuse and The Crippled Claw: Are You One
3. Modified Toy Orchestra: Freeno & Olaf from Plastic Planet
4. Anamanaguchi: Mess (free download)
5. Leona Anderson: Indian Love Call from Music to Suffer By
6. Rose Murphy: Caravan from Mighty Like a Rose
7. Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services: We Have Visitors from Black Mill Tapes Vol 1-Avant Shards
8. The Kokee Band: Misirlou from Exotica 1970
9. Wing: Safe Party Happy Ending from Safe Party Happy Ending
10. Liza Minnelli: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) from Sex & The City 2 OST
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The Disinformation

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