Playlist, 15/06/08

The Show
Today marked our first anniversary of doing live shows on this broadcast of Leith FM, so happy birthday to us! We chose to celebrate the occasion by playing some birthday-themed tunes, some of our favourite tracks from the last 12 months as well as some new material.

You can catch a repeat of the show when it goes out on Wednesday 25 June from 10pm – midnight, either by tuning in to 98.8 FM (in and around Edinburgh) or online via the Leith FM website.

The Music
1. Delia Derbyshire – Happy Birthday (BBC Radiophonic Music, 1968)
2. The Folkswingers – Dona Dona (Raga Rock, 1966)

Listener (and occasional guest) Jeff nominated this next track because apparently it was first track we played on a Leith FM show way back in 2004:

3. Liberty Studio Orchestra – Zabadek

4. Lalo Schifrin – Turn Every Stone (Mannix, 1999)
5. Tätärä – Orion (Next Show)

Former regular co-presenter Fuz made a return to the show today (albeit in pre-recorded form) as he dedicated this next track to MC Zirconium:

6. Tommy Seeback – Baby Elephant Walk

7. Perrey & Kingsley – One Note Samba/Spanish Flea (Kaleidoscopic Vibrations, 1967)
8. Chris Joss – Count the Daisies (Teraphonic Overdubs, 2008)
9. Slim Gaillard – How High the Moon (Slim Gaillard Rides Again, 1958)
10. Louis Prima & Keely Smith With Sam Butera & The Witnesses – Angelina/Zooma Zooma (Ultra-Lounge: Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Collection, Vol. 1 [Disc 2], 1957)
11. David McCallum – The Edge (Music-A Part Of Me / Music: A Bit More Of Me, 1966)
12. Dick Hyman – Living on Borrowed Time (Fabulous, 1963)

I went to see a band who played a formative role in my musical taste last night and while they’re not the sort of band we might normally play on the show I managed to find a track of theirs that was almost up our street:

13. A Certain Ratio – Tumba Rhumba (I’d Like To See You Again, 1982)

14. Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals – Birthday (Grumpy, 2006)

The great J Saul Kane is still making great music nearly 20 years after he first started recording as Depth Charge. His label DC Recordings has a great new compilation out which we played a track from:

15. Depth Charge – Castle of Doom (Death Before Distemper – Revenge of the Iron Ferret, 2008)Buy on iTunes

Also on that compilation are a new band to Project Moonbase’s ears and they have new album out of their own:

16. Padded Cell – Savage Skulls (Night Must Fall, 2008) Buy on iTunes

Fuz’s second pre-recorded contribution to the show was this, er, Mike Batt production:

17. Synthesonic Sounds – Superfly

Russell T Davies got an OBE (see story below) so we went out with this cheesy disco version of the Dr Who theme:

18. Ron Grainer – Playing It Cool (Dr Who Theme) (1979)

The News

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