PMB016 Spinning Wheels of Steel: Sounds Galactic, Bruce Haack, Basil Kirchin, Jah Wobble, Marisa, Jamaican Steel Band, Firebrand Boy, Alan Tew

On the show this week we introduce a new irregular feature called Classic Steel where we play a classical (or a classic) favourite arranged for steel drums. We also have some Galactic Sounds, another track from the latest Basil Kirchin soundtrack reissue on Trunk records, we’ll be celebrating the imminent 40th anniversary of the release of Get Carter, hearing some Glaswegian chiptune as well as lots of other nutritious nuggets for your ears to chew on.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium will also be telling us about cold fusion, luke-warm fusion fusion and fusion that’s just right.

Listen now:

download the MP3.

The Music

1. Sounds Galactic: Spinning Wheel from An Astromusical Odyssey / Nova – Sounds of the Stars Buy on Amazon
2. Bruce Haack: Rubberbands from Hush Little Robot Buy on Amazon
3. Jah Wobble: Get Carter from Get Carter Buy on Amazon Get Carter - Jah Wobble
4. Marisa: Ceu e Mar from Bis – Bossa Nova: Marisa Buy on Amazon Bis - Bossa Nova: Marisa - Marisa
5. Jamaican Steel Band: Calypso (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) from Steel Band Music of the Caribbean Buy on Amazon Steel Band Music of the Caribbean (Remastered) - Jamaican Steel Band
6. Basil Kirchin: The Freelance 1 from Primitive London Buy on Amazon (CD) Primitive London (Original Soundtrack) - Basil Kirchin
Buy on Amazon (DVD)
7. Firebrand Boy: Forest Dub from Ultrachip VS Forest Closure Buy
8. Sounds Galactic: Mon Etoile (My Star) from An Astromusical Odyssey / Nova – Sounds of the Stars Buy on Amazon
9. Alan Tew: I’m A Believer from This Is My Scene Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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