Playlist, 29/06/08

The Show
On this week’s show we celebrated two centenaries: firstly today marks the centenary of the king of orchestral “pops” music, Leroy Anderson. And coming up on Tuesday will be the centenary of the virtuoso slide guitar player and electronics pioneer Alvino Rey.

The Music
First of all we welcomed back our roving news correspondent MC Zirconium from Paris with a couple of French-flavoured lovelies:

1. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Love Paris (Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie, 1991)
2. Pizzicato Five – tokyo mon amour DISCOTIQUE 96 MIX (combinasion SPACIALE ep, 1996)

Neil Diamond played the “tea-time” slot at Glastonbury earlier today so we played a version of one of his more famous compositions:

3. Quincy Jones – I’m a Believer (Cactus Flower OST, 1969)

4. Ray Davies – Hadrian’s Wall (Benny & the Duke, 1973)
5. Ajo Y Su Organo Oriental – Black Is Black (Easy Melodías)

Next up were the first couple of tracks in our Leroy Anderson feature:

6. Terry Snyder & The All Stars – Blue Tango (Persuasive Percussion, 1960)
7. Hot Butter – Syncopated Clock (Popcorn, 1973)

Then another track from the great new compilation by Vickie Bennett aka People Like Us:

8. Komar & Melamid And Dave SoldierThe Most Unwanted Song (Edit) (Smiling Through My Teeth, 2008)

Next it was time for today’s other featured artist:

9. Alvino Rey – Mama Blues (excerpt) (1961)
10. Alvino Rey – The Peanut Vendor (Ping Pong!, 1960)
11. Ira Ironstrings (Alvino Rey) – Blacksmith Blues

And then some lovely exotica from a jazz giant:

12. Yusef Lateef – Taboo (Other Sounds, 1957)

We played a track from this new album last week which featured dialogue from the movie Tron. Well, here’s another track, this time taking its inspiration from that John Carpenter classic Dark Star:

13. Disrupt – Bomb 20 (Foundation Bit, 2008)

We’ve been featuring various tracks from the DC Recordings label in the last couple of shows and the kind fellows have sent us some more great music so here’s a track from the brand new compilation Death Before Distemper 2:

14. Kelpe – Shipwreck Glue (Death Before Distemper 2, 2008)

And then it was time to close our two features, firstly by playing a Moog-ed up version of what we think of as Leroy Anderson’s most famous tune:

15. Jean Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman – The Typewriter (The Happy Electropop Music Machine, 2006)

Our other featured artist, Alvino Rey, had a nice side-line going on in the 1960s as one of many virtuoso players in Esquivel’s band and you can hear his slide guitar playing on many tracks including:

16. Esquivel – Baia (Infinity in Sound Vol 2, 1961)

The Ian Fleming centenary finally reaches Edinburgh with a new exhibition at the City Art Centre. We used this as an excuse to play some more Bond:

17. Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz – Goldfingo (Peter Serafinowicz’s Album)
18. James Bond & His Sextet – James Bond Theme (Shaken Not Stirred, 1965)

And we closed the show with a couple of belters starting with another amazing version of show favourite Caravan:

19. Bernard Pretty Purdie – Caravan
20. Phil Clinton – She’s Born Loser (A Trip? Just A Little Beat, 2008)

The News

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