Playlist, 06/07/08

The Show
No particular feature this week, just a goody bag of tunes with several brand new releases, which is most unusual for us…

The Music
The annual Tour de France kicked off yesterday so what better excuse to dust off this hardy perennial:

1. Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto – Tour De France (El Baile Alemán, 2000)

Fuz tries to persuade us of the merits of Duane Eddy (who turned 80 earlier this year!):

2. Duane Eddy – Roarin

Keeping it twangy:

3. The Ventures – Journey To The Stars (Walk-Don’t Run – The Best Of The Ventures, 1964)

To follow up our latest story about the return of steam power (see below) we played this steam-themed track:

4. Alan Parker – Frozen Steam (Afro Rock, 1973)

Followed by a another track by a master of library music:

5. The John Cameron Quartet – Troublemaker (Off Centre, 1969)

A brand new album from a new artist to us here at the Moonbase, one Alfred Darlington aka Daedalus:

6. Daedelus – Drummery Jam – Love to Make Music To – 2008

And what’s this, another brand new track?! Yes, Leila Arab has a new album out and it’s a delicious sounding affair:

7. Leila – The Exotics (feat. Seaming To) – Blood, Looms & Blooms – 2008

Keeping it exotic, here’s this week’s version of show favourite Caravan:

8. 80 Drums Around The World – Caravan (Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 1: Mondo Exotica, 1961)

Keeping things latin:

9. Senor Soul – Psychotic Reaction
10. Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra – Tequila (Caribbean Ros, 1974)

Sir Clive Sinclair is dreaming of flying cars (see below) so what better reason do we need to play another track by the great Clive One and Clive Two, aka:

11. ZX Spectrum Orchestra – D.I.S.C.O. (Basic Programming, 2006)

There’s a fantastic new compilation of electronic European library music from 1975-1984 put together by French DJs Alexis Le-Tan & Jess:

12. Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd – Reaching the Infinite (Space Oddities, 2008)

And here’s a track by another French artiste we haven’t heard for a while:

13. Holden – Une Fraction De Seconde (Pedrolira, 2002)

14. Horst Jankowski – Soulful Strut (Jazz Swings Pop, 1970/2006)

Sergio Mendes has a brand new album out:

15. Sergio Mendes – Somewhere in the Hills (O Morro Nao Tem Vez) (Feat. Natalie Cole) – Encanto – 2008

16. Dave Pike – Jet Set (Jazz for the Jet Set, 1966)

17. Quiet Village – Keep On Rolling (Silent Movie, 2008)

Having played a track by the band Quiet Village we thought it would be an idea to hear a version of the track Quiet Village – this one a sitar-tinged version:

17. Vincent Bell – Quiet Village (Pop Goes the Electric Sitar)

And if you would like to hear more sitar, I will be guesting on Jake King’s show Planet Earth Rock and Roll on Wednesday night (09/07/08) from 8:30pm – 10pm as he makes the sitar the main feature of this week’s show.

The News

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