PMB041 Space Crufts: The Beatle Barkers, El Vez, The Bran Flakes, Mike Sammes Singers, Disasterpeace, The Advisory Circle, Wing, Klaus Wunderlich

It’s time to tackle another big topic, namely pet ownership. Or, more specifically for this episode, dog ownership. This was prompted by an uncannily large number of dog news stories so we decided it was about time we let the show go to the dogs and made a site for dog stuff. Most of the tracks on the show this week have a doggy connection but we do also have another track from the new Advisory Circle album, a track from the newly-issued collection of Wersi organ demonstrations by Klaus Wunderlich and a new feature: Spotlight on Irrelevance.

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The Music

1. The Beatle Barkers:I Want to Hold Your Hand from The Beatle Barkers – the Lost Tapes Buy on Amazon The Beatle Barkers - the Lost Tapes (A Parody) - Animal Noises
2. El Vez:Chihuahua from Son of a Lad from Spain? Buy on Amazon Son of a Lad from Spain? - El Vez
3. Disasterpeace:Rescue Those Beagles! from Rescue: The Beagles (Soundtrack) Free
4. The Advisory Circle:Route Along 18 Corners from As The Crow Flies Buy on Amazon As the Crow Flies - The Advisory Circle
5. The Bran Flakes:Singing Dogs from I Have Hands Buy on Amazon I Have Hands - The Bran Flakes
6. Barry Bacon:My Doctor Has a Dachshund from Quietly the Night Buy on Amazon Quietly the Night - Barry Bacon
7. Johnny Hawksworth Orchestra:Roobarb from Top Dog – A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960 – 1982 Buy on Amazon Top Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) - Various Artists
8. Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers:Dulux Super 3 from Music For Biscuits Buy on Amazon Music for Biscuits - Mike Sammes
9. Wing:Doggy and Me from Wing Sings for all the Single Ladies and Raps for all the Safe Parties Buy on Amazon Wing Sings for All the Single Ladies and Raps for All the Safe Parties - Wing
10. Annie Jackson:How Much Is That Doggie In the Window? (DJ Bongoboy Sinister Mix) from Simply Kids Buy on Amazon Simply Kids - Various Artists
11. Viva Vox Choir: Du Hast (via Neatorama) Watch
12. Klaus Wunderlich:Bye Bye Cha Cha from Sound Explosion Buy on Amazon Sound Explosion - Klaus Wunderlich

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The Unnecessary News

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