PMB043 Pills Pills Pills (Alan Lorber, Alan Hawkshaw, Mel Blanc, The Uncle Brothers, Supercute, Nurse With Wound, Wing)

Time to tackle another Big Theme on the show this week. Yes, we thought it was high time we tackled the intoxicating world of drugs. This was largely prompted by a rather wonderful new single from teenage sensation SUPERCUTE! which gently mocks the classic anti-drugs song.

We also have tracks from, amongst many others, Alan Lorber, Alan Hawkshaw, The Uncle Brothers, Harry “The Hipster” Gibson, er, Nurse With Wound and, yes, once again a track from Wing! You can also hear what several of the key players in Looney Tunes cartoons have to say on the subject.

Alternatively, download the MP3 directly.


The Music

1. Alan Lorber Orchestra:Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds from Lotus Palace Buy on Amazon The Lotus Palace - Alan Lorber-21st Century Orchestra
2. Mel Blanc:Bugs Bunny from Get Off 2 Free
3. Alan Hawkshaw:High Driver from Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1 Buy on Amazon
4. The Uncle Brothers:Just Say No to Drugs from Songs for Schools: Positive Choices Buy on Amazon Songs for Schools: Positive Choices - The Uncle Brothers
5. SUPERCUTE!:Dumb-Dumbs Buy
6. Los Banditos:Heroin from Beatclub Buy on Amazon Beatclub - Los Banditos
7. Mel Blanc:Daffy Duck from Get Off 2 Free
8. Rajput & The Sepoy:Up, Up & Away from Incredibly Strange Music (Vol. 1) Buy on Amazon
9. Harry “The Hipster” Gibson:Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine from Cocaine Blues Buy on Amazon Cocaine Blues: Vintage Songs About Cocaine & Heroin (Remastered) - Various Artists
10. The Choice:Choose Watch
11. Mel Blanc:Foghorn Leghorn from Get Off 2 Free
12. Nurse With Wound:Ketamineaphonia from Huffin’ Rag Blues Buy on Amazon
13. Wing:Stop The Nonsense (Stop Smoking Crack) from Stop The Nonsense Buy on Amazon Stop the Nonsense - EP - Wing

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The Unnecessary News

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