PMB047 Electric Rain (Gil Trythall, Sun Ra, Art van Damme, Coda, Perrey & Kingsley, Gordon Langford, Tony Hatch, Coda, Korla Pandit, Sachal Studios)

PMB047: Electric RainWe’re getting all seasonal on the show this week as we take the weather, or more accurately the various forms of precipitation, for our musical theme. This was largely inspired by another track on the recently released Sachal Studios album where former Lollywood orchestra members were brought out of retirement to perform a selection of jazz standards. In this particular case, Misty. As well as mist we also have fog, rain, dew and associated paraphernalia.

PLEASE NOTE (22/10/2011): The original version of this podcast was missing an entire track: SUGAR HAIR RAINBOW GIRL. This was MC Zirconium’s response to DJ Bongoboy’s playing Giant Claw in PMB046. Mysteriously, however, this track didn’t make it into the podcast. While some cynics may conclude this was merely DJ Bongoboy’s attempt to bury SUGAR HAIR RAINBOW GIRL in a burning pit of lava without even giving it an airing, he refutes any such outrageous suggestion. In any case, the track has now been inserted and an updated version of this podcast can now be streamed or downloaded using the options below (the fixed section begins at 46:45). If you subscribe to Project Moonbase using iTunes, please delete PMB047 and then right-click on the podcast and opt to “Show all available episodes”.

download the MP3 directly.

The Music

1. Gil Trythall:Foggy Mountain Breakdown from Country Moog / Nashville Gold Buy on Amazon Country Moog / Nashville Gold - Gil Trythall
2. Sun Ra and the Blues Project:Penguin’s Umbrella from Batman and Robin Buy on Amazon Batman and Robin - The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale & Sun Ra and the Blues Project
3. Art Van Damme:A Foggy Day from Art Van Damme – Swinging the Accordion On MPS Buy on Amazon Art Van Damme - Swinging the Accordion On MPS - Art Damme
4. Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent:Morning Dew from The Two Of Us Buy on Amazon Hatchbox: the Original Album Collection - TONY HATCH
5. coda:Chocolate Rain Free
6. Perrey & Kingsley:Umbrellas Of Cherbourg from The Out Sound From Way In! Buy on Amazon The Out Sound from Way In! - Perrey & Kingsley
7. Gordon Langford:Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head from The Amazing Music of the Electronic Arp Synthesizer
8. Korla Pandit:Stormy Weather from The Grand Moghul Suite/The Universal Language Of Music Buy on Amazon The Grand Moghul Suite / The Universal Language of Music - Korla Pandit
10. Sachal Studios Orchestra:Misty from Sachal Jazz Buy on Amazon Jazz Interpretations of Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova - Sachal Studios Orchestra

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The Unnecessary News

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