PMB050 Gold (Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz, Ken Nordine, Jet Harris, Benny Golson, Les Paul, Supercasanova, High Llamas, Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire)

PMB050: GoldWell, dear listener, an auspicious moment has arrived in the history of Project Moonbase. Yes, we’ve reached our 50th episode of the podcast! To celebrate reaching this significant figure, we have selected a special set of tunes this week all of which have a golden theme.

download the MP3 directly.

The Music

1. Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz: Goldfingo from Peter Serafinowicz’s Album
2. Ken Nordine: Gold from Colors Buy on Amazon
3. Jet Harris: Man With the Golden Arm from British Rock ‘n’ Roll Anthology Buy on Amazon British Rock 'n' Roll Anthology - Various Artists
4. Benny Golson: The Golden Glow from Tune In, Turn On The Hippest Commercials Of The Sixties Buy on Amazon Tune In, Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties - Benny Golson
5. glomag: The Ecstasy of Gold from Roland & The Lamprey Free
6. Supercasanova: Waiting for the Gold from In a Space Buy
7. Les Paul: Golden Earrings from Les Paul Now! Buy on Amazon
8. The High Llamas: The Ring of Gold from Talahomi Way Buy on Amazon Talahomi Way - The High Llamas
9. Peter Stampfel: Goldfinger Watch Buy on Amazon You Must Remember This... - Peter Stampfel
10. Les Baxter: Temple Of Gold from Exotic Moods Buy on Amazon The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter (Remastered) - Les Baxter
11. Delia Derbyshire: Blue Veils And Golden Sands from BBC Radiophonic Music Buy on Amazon
12. Billy Preston: Goldfinger from Billy Preston Selected Hits Buy on Amazon Billy Preston Selected Hits - Billy Preston

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

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