Playlist, 21 September 2008

The Show
On the show this week we got touched by the funk, came over all peaceful and also broadcast a sneak preview of an interview we carried out recently with Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman.

The Music
We kicked the show off this week with some funky library music courtesy of one Eric Vannell:

1. Eric Vannell & His Orchestra – Whistler On The Rocks (v/a – Pop Boutique Vol. 1, 1998)

Then a truly bizarre slice of flute playing with intermittent shrieking courtesy of Harold Alexander:

2. Harold Alexander – Mama Soul – The Vibes (The Ultimate Rare Grooves Series, Vol. 2: Ghetto Funk, Sweet Soul & Classic Breaks, 2004)

Then we played another track from this great Henry Mancini album we recently discovered in a local charity shop:

3. Henry Mancini – Baretta’s Theme (Cop Show Themes)
4. Alan Tew – Headlights (Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1, 1976)

Alan Tew’s soundtrack to the TV series Bullet was reissued by our friends at DC Recordings and they were kind enough to send us a copy of a new remix album comprising remixes of various tracks from Kelpe’s recent album:

5. Kelpe – Shipwreck Glue (Wes Coats Remix) (Extraquarium (Remixes), 2008)

And then two more brand new tracks, the first from a new album by the arch absurdist, Dada-ist, industrialist but also exotica-ist and lounge-ist Nurse With Wound:

6. Nurse With Wound – Ketamineaphonia (Huffin’ Rag Blues, 2008)

And then a blistering version of show favourite Caravan by virtuosic Japanese pianist Hiromi Uehara featuring some mind-bending guitar work by David Fiuczynski:

7. Hiromi’s Sonicbloom – Caravan (Beyond Standard, 2008)

Contining the Japanese theme, a track from a great compilation that came out a good few years ago by Cubismo Grafico:

8. Cubismo Grafico – Salon A Sunday (Escalator Records, Tokyo, 2000)

Today was the annual International Day of Peace and at the request of One Love for Music we played Bob Marley’s One Love, though being Project Moonbase we found a suitably daft version:

9. The Grassmasters – One Love / People Get Ready (Marley Grass, 2006)

And we kept the theme of love, peace and daftness with a track brought to our attention by MC Zirconium – there’s even a video for this track you can watch too:

10. Sonseed – Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine (First Fruit, 1983)

Now last night I had the pleasure of speaking to our hero Jean-Jacques Perrey and his current musical partner Dana Countryman on the subject of their new album, Destination Space. The full interview will go out on next week’s show but tonight we played an excerpt in which Jean-Jacques talks about meeting Raymond Scott (the featured artist on last week’s show) and one of his musical heroes, Les Paul. This prompted Dana to tell us about about an extremely rare recording that Jean-Jacques made in 1960 as a tribute to his hero – a recording of one of Les Paul’s biggest hits, Lover. Dana was kind enough to send us a copy of the tune to play on the show:

11. Jean Jacques Perrey – Lover (Ondiolinorama, 1960)

We closed the show with three tracks by three contemporary artists, none of whom I believe we’ve played on the show before – which just goes to show how much great music there is out there to discover:

12. Nicola Conte – Missione a Bombay (Jet Sounds, 2000)
13. The Coctails – Alderaan (Popcorn Box, 2004)
14. Nice System – Dream Of Me On Tuesday (v/a – The Men From O.R.G.A.N. – Vol.2, 2002)

The News

And we should also mention Life According to Dinosaurs, featuring the vocal talents of two of your Project Moonbase hosts – we’ll let you work out who…

You can watch the premier of this new web comedy show on Channel 4’s new animation site 4mations. It’s free animated dinosaur goodness! You can sign up to add your comment and give those dinos some ratings love.

Watch Life According to Dinosaurs! After that, have a look at the Life According to Dinosaurs! website. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

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