PMB064: The Birds (The Advisory Circle, Spacedog, Moondog, Julie Andrews, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Neal Hefti, Rick Jones, Ivor Cutler, Jim Fassett)

PMB064: The BirdsPrompted by the inclusion of an owl-themed track on the new Spacedog album and a seagull-themed track on Jonny Trunk’s recently released collection of music and songs used in Fingerbobs, we thought it an appropriate moment to celebrate all things avian by making birds the theme of this week’s show. This is part of our ongoing exploration of the animal kingdom. If you have a particular favourite branch of the evolutionary tree or if there is a genus or species you are particularly keen on, do let us know and we will do our best to make it the subject of a future show.

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The Music

1. Jean-Jacques Perrey: Crazy Crow And Daffyduck from Good Moog Buy on Amazon
2. Neal Hefti: My Fine Feathered Finks from Batman Theme & 11 Hefti Bat Songs / Hefti in Gotham City Buy on Amazon Batman Theme & 19 Hefti Bat Songs - Neal Hefti
3. The Advisory Circle: As The Crow Flies from As The Crow Flies Buy on Amazon As the Crow Flies - The Advisory Circle
4. Rick Jones: Gulliver’s Theme from Fingerbobs Buy on Amazon Fingerbobs - Michael Jessett, Michael Cole & Rick Jones
5. Florian ZaBach: Hot Canary from 100 Jazz Legends Buy on Amazon 100 Jazz Legends - Various Artists
6. Dick Hyman: Blackbird from The Age of Electronicus Buy on Amazon
7. Jim Fassett: Symphony of the Birds Intro from Symphony of the Birds Buy on Amazon
8. Jim Fassett: Andante e lirico from Symphony of the Birds Buy on Amazon
9. Moondog, Julie Andrews, Martyn Green: The Cuckoo from Songs of Sense and Nonsense Buy on Amazon Songs of Sense and Nonsense - Moondog, Julie Andrews & Martyn Green
10. Spacedog: Owl Club from Juice For The Baby Buy
11. Jean Bell: Theme from The Owl Service Buy on Amazon
12. Ivor Cutler: Birdswing from A Flat Man Buy on Amazon A Flat Man - Ivor Cutler
13. Leona Anderson: Yo Ho The Crow from Music To Suffer By Buy on Amazon Music To Suffer By - Leona Anderson
14. The Kramford Look: Night Bird from 1970 Buy on Amazon 1970 - The Kramford Look

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