Playlist, 30 November 2008

The Show
The great purveyor of advice relating to tea, biscuits, DIY, jacking points on an Austin Ambassador and whether it’s “nice up north”, John Shuttleworth, is coming to Edinburgh on Wednesday 3 December so we marked this great occasion by playing a couple of his wonderful songs.

In addition to that we played several tracks from a brand new compilation of music from the KPM and Conroy library music labels, a track from a new Edmundo Ros reissue, the sound of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop rocking out plus all the usual nonsense.

The Music

We kicked off the show with a track from the above-mentioned new KPM/Conroy compilation:

1. Nick Ingman – Speedway (KPM & Conroy Recorded Music Libraries (1970-1977): Sounds of the Times, 1976/2009)
2. Roberto Delgado – Grazin’ In The Grass (Lounge Legends: Roberto Delgado, 2001)

Then it was time to hear a song we discussed recently on the show, Barry Gray’s attempt to have a chart smash back in the 60s:

3. Barry Gray – Robot Man (7″)
4. Jean-Jacques Perrey – The Minuet Of The Robots (The Out Sound From Way In!(Disc2), 1969)

As mentioned above, the versatile singer-songwriter John Shuttleworth is coming to town on Wednesday night so what better reason do we need to play some of his insightful and informative music, starting with:

5. John Shuttleworth – Two Margarines (4 Rather Tasty Tracks, 2007)

Next up, another track from the new KPM/Conroy compilation:

6. Alan Hawkshaw/Brian Bennett – String Boogie (KPM & Conroy Recorded Music Libraries (1970-1977): Sounds of the Times, 1976/2009)
7. Los Tropicanos – My Sweet Lord (Easy Melodías)
8. Leo Addeo – Hawaiian War Chant (Songs of Hawaii)

On last week’s show we played a Beatles cover from Charlie Byrd’s album Aquarius. This week we played the title track seeing as Aquarius is one of our favourite tunes:

9. Charlie Byrd – Aquarius (Aquarius)

A new Edmundo Ros compilation has come out on the wonderful Dutton Vocalion label. It couples “Latin Rhythm Deluxe”(!) with Edmundo’s latin arrangements of songs from, er, The Sound of Music!

10. Edmundo Ros – La Comparsa (The Ros Sound Of Music / Latin Rhythm Deluxe)

The recently release retrospective of music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop contains the Workshop’s attempt to have a hit (much as we heard Barry Gray doing earlier in the show):

11. Peter Howell / Roger Limb / Jonathan Gibbs / Malcolm Clarke / Elizabeth Parker / Dick Mills – Radiophonic Rock (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective, 2008)

It’s been many months since we played any Mrs Miller. We can only do this occasionally because it makes MC Zirconium have a funny turn.

12. Mrs. Miller – Let’s Hang On (Wild Cool & Swingin’ Vol.3, 1999)

Because they are going on tour together in January we thought we would play a track each from the wonderful Bertrand Burgalat and April March:

13. Bertrand Burgalat – Ma Rencontre (Bertrand Burgalat Meets A.S Dragon, 2001)
14. April March – Chick Habit (Chick Habit, 1995)

And then it was time for another track from John Shuttleworth:

15. John Shuttleworth – I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now (4 Rather Tasty Tracks, 2007)

A great debut album came out in September from a Japanese duo based in Germany who seem to like playing Ramones covers on ukuleles:

16. Coconami – Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Coconami, 2008)

We closed the show with a Funky Finale courtesy of this great KPM/Conroy compilation:

17. Dave Gold – Funky Finale (1977) (KPM & Conroy Recorded Music Libraries (1970-1977): Sounds of the Times, 2009)

The News

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