Playlist, 11 January 2009

The Show
We had all sorts of tasty treats on the show tonight. We got our hands on the KPM All-stars gig CD we mentioned on last week’s show. This coming Thursday marks the centenary of the birth of jazz drummer extraordinaire, Gene Krupa. And finally we have heard about a wonderful new covers/remix project featuring lots of cheesy covers of lots of cheesy 80s tunes.

The Music
1. Esquivel – The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero) (See It In Sound, 1960/1999)

The fine folk at Jazzman Records have released another compilation of their 7″ single reissue series in the form of a CD called Welcome to the Party. From it, we played a belter of a track by the master of Egyptian jazz:

2. Salah Ragab – Egypt Strut (Welcome to the Party, 2009)

Bruce Campbell is coming to Edinburgh next month! I managed to track down an example of his vocal stylings – which begs the question when are you going to record an album, Bruce?

3. Bruce Campbell – Hungry Like The Wolf

The Buffetlibre DJs have put together an amazing new project (Rewind 2) involving some 90 bands either remixing or doing cover versions of their favourite tunes from the 80s and 90s. This follows on from their original Rewind project which was put together last year. The most amazing thing is that it’s non-commercial and you can download all the tracks entirely free of charge!

Keeping with the Duran Duran theme of Bruce Campbell’s effort, we played a nice and cheesy cover of a famous tune by that Duran side project Power Station:

4. Chin Chin – Some Like It Hot (Power Station cover) (Buffetlibre Rewind 2, 2009)

Then it was time for the first selection of tracks from the KPM All Stars gig at the Jazz Cafe in 2006, these ones all by the great Alan Hawkshaw:

5. KPM All Stars – Dave Allen At Large (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)
6. KPM All Stars – Grange Hill (Aka Chicken Man) (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)
7. KPM All Stars – Countdown Excerpt Only (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)
8. KPM All Stars – Channel 4 News At 7 (aka Best Endeavours) (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)

Thursday marks the centenary of the birth of Gene Krupa who was largely responsible for turning the drums into a solo-ing instrument as well as having a hand in turning the “traps” of old into the drum kit we recognise today:

9. Gene Krupa – Caravan (Mills-Tizol-Ellington) Live At The New School, 1973/1999)
10. Sergio Mendes – Bim-Bom (Four Sider, 1967)

Dave Dee (of Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch fame) sadly passed away this week so we played a cover of one of their big hits:

11. Liberty Studio Orchestra – Zabadek
12. Stu Phillips – Sunday Art & Football (Surf, Sex And Cycle-Psychos: A Diverse Potpourri Of Antediluvian Film Music… 1967

Then it was time for a selection of tracks composed by Keith Mansfield from the Jazz Cafe gig, these ones all happening to be themes to TV sports shows:

13. KPM All Stars – Sports Medley (Big Match/Wimbledon/Grandstand) (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)

Next up we played another track from the Rewind 2 project:

14. Hexes & Ohs – Head Over Heels (Tears for Fears Cover) (BL Rewind 2, 2009)

Stories of the golf clubs sending out sonic booms (see below) gave us an ideal opportunity to play a classic Tipsy track:

15. Tipsy – Space Golf (Trip Tease, 1997)
16. Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman – The Spy From Outer Space (Destination Space, 2008)

17. KPM All Stars – Girl in a Sportscar (KPM All Stars Live At The Jazz Cafe 2006, 2009)

With the news of Florian Schneider departing from Kraftwerk (see story below) we closed the show with a remix from the Rewind 2 project mentioned above:

18. Kraftwerk – Heimcomputer (Facteur vs Dubmood Remix) (Buffetlibre Rewind 2, 2009)

The News

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