PMB070: Hair Care (George Wright, Adderall Canyonly, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, New Pants, Belbury Poly, Lonnie Smith, David Cain, Mort Garson, Tipsy, Atomic Forest)

PMB070: Hair CareHeated curlers and tongs at the ready as we explore the world of hair care on this week’s show. We have hairy music from George Wright, Adderall Canyonly, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen(!), New Pants, Dr Lonnie Smith, Mort Garson and Tipsy, In addition to all the piliferousness, we also have a track from the new Belbury Poly album and a seasonal track from the latest reissue from Trunk Records. There’s also a track from India’s only psychedelic rock band (allegedly).

Listen now:

The Music

1. George Wright: I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair from George Wright Goes South Pacific Buy on Amazon George Wright Goes South Pacific (Remastered) - George Wright
2. Adderall Canyonly: Perry Combover from We Are Everywhere At Once
3. Jimmy Fallon (feat. Bruce Springsteen): Whip My Hair Watch
4. New Pants: Mysterious Shampoo from Dragon Tiger Panacea Buy on Amazon Dragon Tiger Panacea - New Pants
5. Belbury Poly: Cantalus from The Belbury Tales Buy on Amazon The Belbury Tales - Belbury Poly
6. David Cain and Ronald Duncan: March from The Seasons (Remastered) Buy on Amazon The Seasons (Remastered) - David Cain & Ronald Duncan
7. Dr. Lonnie Smith: Devil’s Haircut (DJ Bongoboy Edit) from Boogaloo To Beck – A Tribute Buy on Amazon
8. Atomic Forest: Windmills Of Your Mind from Obsession Buy on Amazon Obsession - Atomic Forest
9. Tipsy: Wig Out from Uh-Oh! Buy on Amazon
10. Mort Garson: Aquarius from Electronic Hair Pieces Buy on Amazon Early Electronic Masterpieces - Various Artists

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