PMB072: The Great Outdoors (Max Greger, Alan Hawkshaw, The King, Belbury Poly, Ivor Cutler, Gillian Hills, Mareva Galanter, Wing)

PMB072: The Great OutdoorsIt’s time to don the kagoule, pack a distress flare (or pair of distressed flares) and make sure you know how to operate a compass as we celebrate the Great Outdoors. We’ll be going for a walk with Max Greger and his orchestra, running about with Alan Hawkshaw, relaxing beside a babbling brook military style, having a bongo-fuelld picnic, getting frisky beside a waterfall with Gillian Hills and climbing a mountain quite slowly with one of our favourite antipodean singers. We also have a lovely herbaceous track from the new album by Belbury Poly.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Tom Weir: Intro from Weir’s Way Watch
2. Max Greger & Orchester: Walking from Greger’s Groove Party Buy on Amazon Greger's Groove Party - Max Greger and His Orchestra
3. Alan Hawkshaw: Rocky Mountain Runabout from Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 1 Buy on Amazon Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend, Vol. 1 - Various Artists
4. The King: Take Me Home, Country Roads from Return to Splendor Buy on Amazon Return to Splendor - The King
5. 153 Military Style Band Organ: Beside a Babbling Brook from Wurlitzer Melodies At the Lake Buy on Amazon Wurlitzer Melodies At the Lake - 153 Military Style Band Organ
6. Belbury Poly: Green Grass Grows from The Belbury Tales Buy on Amazon The Belbury Tales - Belbury Poly
7. Ivor Cutler: Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Volume 2 Episode 11 from Jammy Smears Buy on Amazon Jammy Smears - Ivor Cutler
8. Gillian Hills: Près De La Cascade from Vue Intégrale Buy on Amazon Twistin' the Rock Vol. 9 - Gillian Hills
9. Billard & DJ PP: Viens à la campagne from Chansons jamais entendues à la radio Buy on Amazon Chansons jamais entendues à la radio - Various Artists
10. Terry Snyder: Picnic from Mister Percussion Buy on Amazon Mister Percussion - Terry Snyder and the All Stars
11. Mareva Galanter: Les Cornichons from UkuYéyé Buy on Amazon Ukuyéyé by Mareva - Mareva Galanter
12. Wing: Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music Sound of Music - Wing

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