Rocket Lolly Playlist

Many thanks to everyone who came down to see us with Spacedog at the Edinburgh Science Festival event Rocket Lolly. I think it’s safe to say we all learned something about infrasonics, French police whistles, electricity’s use as a treatment for insomnia in the young and some tricks of the trade when attempting to get through a series of ever-diminishing manholes.

For those interested, this is a list of tracks which DJ Bongoboy played at the end of the evening:

1. Attileo “Art” Mineo: Science Of Tomorrow (edit) from Man In Space With Sounds Buy on Amazon
2. Dick Hyman: Moon Gas from Moon Gas Buy on Amazon
3. Tony Perkins: Rocket To The Moon from The Prettiest Girl In School Buy on Amazon The Prettiest Girl In School - Tony Perkins
4. Geoff Goddard: Sky Men from The Alchemist Of Pop Buy on Amazon
5. Attileo “Art” Mineo: Soaring Science (edit) from Man In Space With Sounds Buy on Amazon
6. Brian Bennett: Ergon from Aim High: The Televisual Soundtrack (At KPM 1973-1976) Buy on Amazon
7. Monroeville Music Center: En Route from Le Progres EP Buy on Amazon
8. Claude Denjean: Sugar Sugar from Moog! Buy on Amazon Moog! - Claude Denjean
9. Leonard Nimoy: Highly Illogical from Highly Illogical Buy on Amazon
10. William Shatner: She Blinded Me With Science (edit) from Seeking Major Tom Buy on Amazon Seeking Major Tom - William Shatner
11. Wing: Beat It from Beat It Buy on Amazon Beat It - Wing
12. Linda Jardim: Energy in Northampton from Music For Mentalists Buy on Amazon
13. Unknown Pan-Pipist: Light My Fire from The Magic Sound Of The Pan Pipes 3 Buy on Amazon
14. Rod Hunter: Apache from Music Minus Music Buy on Amazon Music Minus Music - Rod Hunter
15. The Advisory Circle: Modern Through Movement from As The Crow Flies Buy on Amazon As the Crow Flies - The Advisory Circle
16. Attileo “Art” Mineo: Century 21 (edit) from Man In Space With Sounds Buy on Amazon
17. Johnny Dankworth: Tomorrows World from Johnny Dankworth / Let’s Slip Away – Film And TV 1960 – 1973 Buy on Amazon
18. Peter Herbolzheimer: Wild Chick from Big Band Man – The MPS & Polydor Studio Recordings Buy on Amazon
19. Paddy Kingsland: The Earthmen from Supercharged Buy on Amazon
20. Attileo “Art” Mineo: Around The World (edit) from Man In Space With Sounds Buy on Amazon
21. Baked A La Ska: Oxygene, Pt. IV from Baked a la Ska Buy on Amazon Baked a la Ska - Baked A La Ska
22. T.O.Y.: Decorama from The Thing Buy on Amazon The Thing - T.O.Y.
23. 8bit Project: Stairway To Heaven from Spicy Innovator Vs Superior Marionette Buy on Amazon

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