PMB078: Trousers (The Brass Menagerie, Los Pantalones Azules, Espanto & Hidrogenesse, New Pants, Instant Sunshine, Vivian Stanshall, Dolly Dolly, The Hormonauts, Lazyitis, Mistinguett, Pete Krebs and His Portland Playboys, Pierre Arvay)

PMB078 TrousersIt’s time to pull on your favourite slacks as we celebrate the exciting world of the trouser. This week’s theme was inspired by Chinese quartet New Pants, who have become something of a favourite of the show in recent weeks and also the extremely mirth-inducing trouser-related contribution to The Soulless Party’s Electronic Encounters project by Dolly Dolly David.

Listen now:

The Music

1. The Brass Menagerie: Hot Pants from Brass Menagerie 1973 Buy on Amazon
2. Los Pantalones Azules: Jezabel from Todas las Grabaciones de Los Milos Los Pantalones Azules Buy on Amazon Todas las Grabaciones de Los Milos Los Pantalones Azules - Los Pantalones Azules
3. Espanto & Hidrogenesse: El pantalón (Versión de Hidrogenesse) from Errísimos Buy on Amazon
4. New Pants: Peking Monster from Equal Love Buy on Amazon Equal Love - New Pants
5. Instant Sunshine: Corduroy Trousers from Instant Sunshine Buy on Amazon Instant Sunshine - Instant Sunshine
6. Vivian Stanshall: Terry Keeps His Clips On from Teddy Boys Don’t Knit Buy on Amazon Teddy Boys Don't Knit - Vivian Stanshall
7. The Hormonauts: Black Slacks from Hormone Hop Buy on Amazon Hormone Hop - The Hormonauts
8. Lazyitis: Come on Eileen Buy on Amazon Come On Eileen (Blinky's 8-Bit Chasers Version) - Single - Lazyitis
9. Pete Krebs and His Portland Playboys: Caravan from Early Sessions Buy on Amazon Early Sessions - Pete Krebs and His Portland Playboys
10. Dolly Dolly: Mr Taylor’s Trousers from Electronic Encounters Free
11. Mistinguett: C’est chic les longs pantalons from Mistinguett : Succès et raretés (1926-1942) Buy on Amazon
12. Pierre Arvay: Pantalone from Moments Musicaux No. 3 (Stereo) Buy on Amazon Moments Musicaux No. 3 (Stereo) - Pierre Arvay

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