PMB080: Mathematics (Moon Patrol, LearnThruMusic, Vic Mars, Bertrand Burgalat, Super Guachin, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kim & Buran, The Sheik’s Men, Angelo Michajlov, The Focus Group, Susan Cantey, David Lewin)

PMB080 MathematicsIt’s time to open your exercise book, dust off your favourite slide-rule and turn to page 5 of your book of logarithms as Project Moonbase starts a new course of study with Mathematics. We have mathematical music from Moon Patrol, LearnThruMusic, Vic Mars, Bertrand Burgalat, Super Guachin, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kim & Buran, Angelo Michajlov, The Focus Group, Susan Cantey and David Lewin as well as a non-mathematical version of show favourite Caravan.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Moon Patrol: The Drake Equation from We Come In Peace Buy on Amazon We Come In Peace - Moon Patrol
2. LearnThruMusic: Fractions from Learnthrumusic EP Buy on Amazon Learnthrumusic EP - EP - LearnThruMusic
3. Vic Mars: Mathematics from Curriculum for Schools and Colleges Buy on Amazon
4. Bertrand Burgalat: Sentinelle mathématique from Toutes directions (Bonus Track Version) Buy on Amazon Toutes directions (Bonus Track Version) - Bertrand Burgalat
5. Super Guachin: Se Pixelo el Vinito from Future Sounds of Buenos Aires Free
6. Jean-Jacques Perrey: Saturnian Bird from Musique Electronique Du Cosmos Buy on Amazon Musique Electronique Du Cosmos - Jean-Jacques Perrey
7. Kim & Buran: The Garland from Rock ‘n’ Robot Buy on Amazon
8. The Sheik’s Men: Caravan from Music For A Bachelorette’s Pad Buy on Amazon
9. Angelo Michajlov: Algebraic Airbrush from Saxana – The Girl On The Broomstick Buy on Amazon Saxana - The Girl On the Broomstick - Angelo Michajlov
10. The Focus Group: String Sine romance from Hey Let Loose Your Love Buy on Amazon Hey Let Loose Your Love - The Focus Group
11. Susan Cantey: Quadratic Formula from Algebra, Vol. 1 Buy on Amazon Algebra, Vol. 1 - Susan Cantey
12. David Lewin: Study One from Music From Mathematics Buy on Amazon Music from Mathematics - David Lewin

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The Unnecessary News

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