Eurovision 2012 Round-up

In case you missed (or inexplicably chose not to watch) this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, let Project Moonbase sum up the whole competition for you.

As always, it’s the semi-finals which are actually the most interesting because that’s where we get to see and hear the songs which are deemed not good enough to appear in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

So here are three entries which somehow failed to make it through, starting with the entry from San Marino by Valentina Monetta. Her Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh – Oh Oh) seems to be a celebration of cyber-stalking with lyrics like “if you want to go to my house, click me with your mouse” . It also wins the prize for Best Use of Stock Photography in a Music Video:

Next up, Rambo Amadeus (yes, really) from Montenegro with his analysis of the current European debt-crisis, Euro Neuro (“Euro neuro, Euro neuro, monetary break dance, Euro neuro, Euro neuro, give me chance to refinance.”). Whatever you might think of his analysis, there’s no denying the appeal of rap delivered with a thick Balkan accent (warning, the video does feature a brief sequence of donkey massage):

The last semi-final reject worth noting is Austria’s Trackshittaz with Woki Mit Deim Popo. If their name looks unfortunate enough (yes, it really is pronounced like that), wait until you hear how they sing the chorus (which apparently translates as “shake your ass”):

Thankfully, some madness did make it through to the final. We can, for example, always rely on Moldova to slacken the jaw. It has to be said that Pasha Parfeny’s song Lăutar was fairly unexciting (though the lyrics “this trumpet makes you my girl” certainly cause some puzzlement). No, the main appeal of Moldova’s entry this year was the ‘choreography’ of Pasha’s dance troupe, featuring moves which will hopefully spread like wild-fire across the dance-floors of the world:

See you in Sweden next year…

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