PMB087: We All Stand Together for Paul McCartney’s 70th Birthday (George Martin Orchestra, The Blue Mountain Pan Pipe Ensemble, Justus Köhncke, Damenkapelle, Calcutta Youth Choir, The Advisory Circle, R. Stevie Moore, Supercute, Pato Fu, Langley Schools)

PMB087 We All Stand TogetherHot on the heels of last week’s birthday special, we have another one this week in the form of a 70th birthday celebration for an equally colossal figure in the world of popular music, namely one Sir Paul McCartney.We’ve tried to avoid playing versions of Beatles-era McCartney and have instead concentrated on Sir Paul’s solo work. Particular highlights include arrangements of his songs by the Calcutta Youth Choir and Brazilian band Pato Fu – we fully expect to be playing more by these fabulous bands in future shows.

In addition to all the McCartney music we have also managed to cram in the flip-side of the latest in the Study Series from Ghost Box records by The Advisory Circle.

Listen now:

The Music

1. George Martin Orchestra: 2M5 from The Family Way Buy on Amazon The Family Way - George Martin Orchestra
2. The Blue Mountain Pan Pipe Ensemble: Silly Love Songs from Haunting Pan Pipe Favourites Buy on Amazon Haunting Pan Pipe Favourites - The Blue Mountain Pan Pipe Ensemble
3. Justus Köhncke: Let ‘Em in from Spiralen Der Erinnerung Buy on Amazon Spiralen Der Erinnerung - Justus Köhncke
4. Damenkapelle: Temporary secretary from Damenkapelle (aus München) Buy on Amazon Damenkapelle (aus München) - Damenkapelle (aus München)
5. Calcutta Youth Choir: Ebony Aar Ivory from Calcutta Youth Choir-Pachish Bachhar Calcutta Youth ChoirPachish Bachhar - Calcutta Youth Choir
6. The Advisory Circle: Wildspot from Study Series 08 – Inversions Buy on Amazon
7. R. Stevie Moore and Supercute: Coming Up from “Coming Up” R. Stevie Moore + Supercute! Free
8. Pato Fu: Live and Let Die from Música De Brinquedo Buy on Amazon Música De Brinquedo - Pato Fu
9. The Langley Schools Music Project: Band On The Run from Innocence & Despair Buy on Amazon Innocence and Despair - Langley Schools Music Project

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The Unnecessary News

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