PMB090: Monkey Magic (John Barry Seven, The Swing Ninjas, Godiego, The Kongsmen, Ramsey Lewis, Fabio Frizzi, Cara Stewart, Messer Chups, Arpadys)

PMB090 Monkey MagicFollowing last week’s banana special, it seemed only right to follow that with a show all about apes, monkeys and primates in general. This was also prompted by our recent reverie about the classic TV series Monkey and also a certain monkey-themed tune from our favourite collection of American song-poems by Cara Stewart.

Listen now:

The Music

1. John Barry Seven: Monkey Feathers from Zulu Buy on Amazon Zulu - John Barry Seven
2. The Swing Ninjas: King of the Swingers from Tears of the Tuba (the Difficult Second Album) Buy on Amazon Tears of the Tuba (the Difficult Second Album) - The Swing Ninjas
3. Godiego: Monkey Magic 2006 from Monkey Magic 2006 Buy on Amazon Monkey Magic 2006 - EP - Godiego
4. The Kongsmen: The Gorilla from On Campus Buy on Amazon On Campus - The Kongsmen
5. Ramsey Lewis: Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me And My Monkey from Mother Nature’s Son Buy on Amazon Mother Nature's Son - Ramsey Lewis
6. Fabio Frizzi: Vai gorilla from Vai Gorilla (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Single Buy on Amazon Vai Gorilla (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Single -  Fabio Frizzi
7. Cara Stewart: Song of the Burmese Land from Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush? Buy on Amazon
8. Messer Chups: Monkey Safari from Crazy Price Buy on Amazon Crazy Price - Messer Chups
9. Arpadys: Monkey Star from Arpadys – EP Buy on Amazon Arpadys - EP - Arpadys

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The Unnecessary News

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