Mystery of the Dying Zoo Calliope

One of the tracks featured on our next show, PMB092, introduced us to the wonderful sound of a dying zoo’s carousel playing “Moon River”.

The initial tip-off came from listener (and Moon Royalty) @GarethDEdwards but we were frankly left wanting more. Listener @Yvette Eady solved the mystery of where that version of Moon River came from.

According to Tape Findings:
The tape comes from Ned Hurley.

“I thought I would spread the joy of a recording my father did in the late 1970′s of our local zoo’s carousel, whose calliope had fallen into dreadful disrepair, making for some wonderfully warbled versions of Moon River, 76 Trombones, The Sound of Music and many others.
My father had gotten word that the Como Zoo carousel was going to be put out of service, so he ran along on one of the last days and politely asked the carny working if he could ride along for a day and record the calliope’s last moments.”

Find out more about Tape Findings and the Mystery of the Dying Zoo Calliope.
Thanks to @GarethDEdwards, @YvetteEady and Tape Findings.

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