PMB101: Rats (Brian Fahey, Alan Hawkshaw, Fabienne DelSol, Alexandre Desplat, Angelo Michajlov, Lester Lanin, Sam Butera, Sammy Davis Jr., Bubonic Plague, Beastie Boys, Matmos, Arcadecoma, Leona Anderson)

PMB101 RatsWith this edition of the show being number 101 we thought it would be a good idea to turn the show over to your deepest fear, or at least Winston Smith’s deepest fear, namely rats!

It was a little tougher than usual to find a show’s worth of music about rats – for some reason they don’t seem to be a particularly popular subject for songwriters and composers. But we eventually managed to find a pretty good selection, if we say so ourselves.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Brian Fahey And His Orchestra: The Rat Catchers from Time For T.V. Buy on Amazon
2. Alan Hawkshaw: Rat Race from Move with the Times Buy on Amazon Move With the Times - Alan Hawkshaw
3. Fabienne DelSol: I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat from Between You And Me Buy on Amazon Between You and Me - Fabienne DelSol
4. Alexandre Desplat: Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail from Fantastic Mr. Fox (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon Fantastic Mr. Fox (Original Soundtrack) - Alexandre Desplat
5. Angelo Michajlov: Rats And Rodents from Saxana – The Girl On The Broomstick Buy on Amazon Saxana - The Girl On the Broomstick - Angelo Michajlov
6. Lester Lanin and his Orchestra: Muskrat Ramble from Twistin’ In High Society Buy on Amazon
7. Sam Butera: Theme From “The Rat Race” – Part One from The Witnesses Play Music From “The Rat Race” Buy on Amazon
8. Sammy Davis Jr.: Temptation from Sammy Swings Buy on Amazon
9. Bubonic Plague: Polyhedron from Instant Coma Instant Coma - Bubonic Plague
10. Beastie Boys: The Rat Cage from The Mix-Up Buy on Amazon The Mix-Up - Beastie Boys
11. Matmos: Rat Relocation (edit) from Rat Relocation Program Buy
12. Arcadecoma: Ben
13. Leona Anderson: Rats In My Room from Music To Suffer By Buy on Amazon Music To Suffer By - Leona Anderson

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The Unnecessary News

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