PMB103: Facial Hair (Banda Cuisillos Musical, Nelson Eddy, Raymond Scott and His Orchestra, The Beards, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Freddy Gardner, Chris Lambert, Toby Turner, Bienvenido Granda, Sophie Madeleine, Nucleus)

PMB103 Facial HairAs this is the month of November what better than to join our fellow “Mo Bros” in celebration of all things facially hairy. Every track on the show this week has a moustachioed or beardy connotation. Thanks to Dr Woods for bringing The Beard’s latest single “Got Me A Beard” to our attention and to Kev Oyston and Chris Lambert for making Chris’ song “The Sound of My Moustache” available to us.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Banda Cuisillos Musical: El Bigote from 15 Super Exitos Buy on Amazon 15 Super Exitos - Banda Cuisillos Musical
2. Nelson Eddy: If You’ve Only Got A Moustache from Nelson Eddy Sings The Stephen Foster Songbook Buy on Amazon
3. Raymond Scott and His Orchestra: The Beard from The Uncollected: Raymond Scott And His Orchestra (Vol 2) Buy on Amazon The Uncollected: Raymond Scott and His Orchestra (Vol 2) - Raymond Scott and His Orchestra
4. The Beards: Got Me a Beard from Having a Beard is the new Not Having a Beard Buy on Amazon Having a Beard Is the New Not Having a Beard (Bonus Track Version) - The Beards
5. The Focus Group: Mr Beard, you chatterbox from Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age Buy on Amazon
6. Freddy Gardner: I Liked His Little Black Moustache from Sweet And Hot Buy on Amazon Sweet and Hot - Freddy Gardner
7. Chris Lambert: The sound of my Moustache Buy
8. Toby Turner: The Sideburns Song from The Sideburns Song Buy on Amazon The Sideburns Song - Single - Toby Turner
9. Bienvenido Granda: Cuca La Loca from El Bigote Que Canta Buy on Amazon El Bigote Que Canta - Bienvenido Granda
10. Sophie Madeleine: Beardsong Watch
11. Nucleus: Song For The Bearded Lady from We’ll Talk About It Later Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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