Moon Year Honours (New Releases) 2012

2012 has been another great year for fans of music from the recent future. Here are ten of our favourite new releases from the last 12 months (strictly in alphabetical order). We’ll post a list of our favourite compilations and reissues from 2012 later today.

For Services to
Futuristic Folk Music

Belbury Poly - Belbury Tales
Belbury Poly – Belbury Tales
For Services to Retro-Futuristic
French Pop Music

Bernard Burgalat - Toutes directions
Bertrand Burgalat – Toutes directions
Buy on AmazonThe Belbury Tales - Belbury Poly Buy on AmazonToutes directions (Bonus Track Version) - Bertrand Burgalat
For Services to Progressive
Chiptune Soundtrack Music

Cheap Dinosaurs - Plays Goblin
For Services to
Oberheim Synthesizers

Drokk - Music Inspired By Mega-City One
Cheap Dinosaurs – Plays Goblin
Drokk – Music Inspired By Mega-City One
Buy on AmazonDrokk - Music Inspired By Mega-City One - Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury
For Services to Brain Cream
Giant Claw - Mutant Glamour
For Services to False Memory
Listening Center - Example One
Giant Claw – Mutant Glamour
Listening Center – Example One
Buy on AmazonExample One - Listening Center
For Services to
Wobbly Colombian Ondatropica

The Meridian Brothers - Desesperanza
For Services to
Disco Ghosts

Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Games
The Meridian Brothers – Desesperanza
Buy on AmazonDesesperanza - Meridian Brothers
Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games
Buy on AmazonSleep Games - Pye Corner Audio
For Services to
East-West Relations

Stereo Total - Cactus Versus Brezel
For Services to
the Human Voice

Wing - Television and Radio Heroes
Stereo Total – Cactus Versus Brezel
Buy on AmazonCactus Versus Brezel - Stereo Total
Wing – Television Radio Heroes
Buy on AmazonTelevision Radio Heroes - Wing

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