PMB111: Baking Today’s Bread (Raja Zahr, Nino Nardini, Vitamin String Quartet, Maximilian, The Catamaran Serenaders, Tony Carey, Wevie Stonder, Moon Wiring Club, Syd Dale and the Otto Keller Orchestra, Cults Percussion Ensemble)

PMB111 Baking Today's BreadThis week on the show we have a choice selection of recent arrivals at the Moonbase including tracks from two new releases on Trunk Records, some German (or possibly Dutch) exotica from Tahiti, French library music, a track from the new Moon Wiring Club (featuring the recorder stylings of one Sarah Angliss), a sonic quiz courtesy of Wevie Stonder and a track by a former keyboard player from Rainbow (that’s the band rather than the TV show).

Listen now:

The Music

1. Raja Zahr: Drum Sequence (Psychemagik Edit) from Psychemagik Presents Magik Cyrkles Buy on Amazon
2. Nino Nardini: Lazy Hippo from Animals / Children
3. Vitamin String Quartet: Poker Face from VSQ Performs Lady Gaga Buy on Amazon VSQ Performs Lady GaGa - Vitamin String Quartet
4. Maximilian: The Snake from Refined Lard: A Trunk Records Sampler Buy on Amazon Refined Lard: A Trunk Records Sampler - Various Artists
5. The Catamaran Serenaders: Hawaiian War Chant from Tempos of Tahiti Buy on Amazon
6. Tony Carey: Enjaw J from Explorer And Yellow Power Buy on Amazon
7. Wevie Stonder: Kenkeneb from Drawing On Other Peoples Heads Buy on Amazon Drawing On Other Peoples Heads - Wevie Stonder
8. Moon Wiring Club: Obsidian Coaxer from Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets Buy
9. Syd Dale with the Otto Keller Orchestra: 52nd Precinct from Mix and Match Buy on Amazon
10. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Baia from Cults Percussion Ensemble Buy on Amazon Cults Percussion Ensemble - Cults Percussion Ensemble

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The Unnecessary News

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