PMB119: 75 Years of Spam® and Other Delicious Processed Meats (Spam Allstars, Dan Lund, Iron Curtain, Spam Animals, Vincent Drapo, “Weird Al” Yankovic, spamtron, Power Salad)

PMB119 75 Years of Spam and Other Delicious Processed MeatsIt was brought to our attention recently by regular listener Emma Bowen that a recent anniversary of some significance took place, namely the 75th anniversary of the creation of SPAM by Hormel Foods. We therefore thought it high time we celebrated this auspicous event by selecting some of our favourite tunes about Spam and other delicious processed meats.

Listen now:


The Music

1. Spam Allstars: Agua de Poço Free
2. Dan Lund: Pam, Don’t Take My SPAM from Show Up and Shoot!, Vol. II Buy on Amazon Show Up and Shoot!, Vol. II - Dan Lund
3. Iron Curtain: Hard Times in the Spam Inbox Folder from The Aftermath Buy on Amazon The Aftermath - Iron Curtain
4. Spam Animals: Skylarking from Spam Animals Free
5. Vincent Drapo: Corned Beef from The Lh Years Buy on Amazon The Lh Years - Vincent Drapo
6. “Weird Al” Yankovic: Spam from The Food Album Buy on Amazon The Food Album -
7. spamtron: spamtron syndrome from DPAD Free
8. Power Salad: Corned Beef and Cabbage from Love With a Side of Fries Buy on Amazon Love With a Side of Fries - Power Salad

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The Unnecessary News

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