PMB135: Mansooba Chand Asaas (Karim Shahab Ud Din, Sohail Rana, Gulshan Aara Syed, M. Ashraf, Bakhshi Wazir, Tafo, Nahid Akhtar, Benjamin Sisters, Ali Abbas, Khalid Ghayur, Jamal Ghani, Aay Jays)

PMB135: Mansooba Chand AsaasAt MC Zirconium’s prompting, we pay a long overdue return visit to the enormous archive of EMI Pakistan, a collection of recordings stretching back decades which, thanks to some forward-thinking businessmen in Karachi is now in private ownership and all available in download form. The whole show is made up of music from Pakistan, with most of the show drawn from EMI’s musical treasure trove.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Karim Shahab Ud Din: Happy Landing from Karim Shahab Ud Din (Instrumental Version) Buy on Amazon Karim Shahab Ud Din (Instrumental Version) - Karim Shahab Ud Din
2. Sohail Rana: Soul Sitar from Khyber Mail Buy on Amazon Kayber Mail - Sohail Rana
3. Gulshan Aara Syed: Pey Gaya Nalaek from Punjabi Loak Geet Buy on Amazon Punjabi Loak Geet - Gulshan Aara Syed
4. M. Ashraf: Ann Data (Tere Mere Larr Gaye Main) from Music Minus Music Buy on Amazon Music Minus Music - Various Artists
5. Bakhshi Wazir: Jan Kadh Lai Aa from Instrumental “Bakhshi Wazir” Buy on Amazon Instrumental
6. Tafo feat. Nahid Akhtar: Kad Ley Way from The Sound Of Wonder! Buy on Amazon
7. Benjamin Sisters: Mehki Fizayein from 19 Super Hits from Silver Jubilee Buy on Amazon Benjamin Sisters - Benjamin Sisters
8. Ali Abbas, Khalid Ghayur & Jamal Ghani: Yaaro Mere Yaar from Disco Rocks Saathi Buy on Amazon Disco Rocks Saathi - Various Artists
9. Aay Jays: Balley Balley from In Flight Music Vol 2 Buy on Amazon In Flight Music Vol -2 - Various Artists

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