PMB146: Let’s Get Straight to the Biscuits (Tony Evans & His Orchestra, Biscuitmen, The High Llamas, Grizzler, John Shuttleworth, People Like Us, Cookie Monster, The Mike Sammes Singers, Andre Williams, The Deep Freeze Mice, Ed Poole)

PMB146 Let's Get Straight to the BiscuitsWith a nod in the direction of international spy agency Danger 5 who give us the title of this week’s show, it’s a long over-due moment to celebrate one of our favourite foodstuffs – and in fact one which largely keeps the Moonbase going – namely that of biscuits.

Many forms of biscuit are covered in the show, including a couple of tentative steps into the savoury world of crackers.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Tony Evans & His Orchestra: Gypsy Cream from Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts: Sounds That Swept The Supermarkets Buy on Amazon
2. Biscuitmen: Double Bourbon Biscuit Barrel from Sartorial Sampler Buy on Amazon Sartorial Sampler - Biscuitmen
3. The High Llamas: Cookie Bay from Snowbug Buy on Amazon Snowbug - The High Llamas
4. Grizzler: Jaffa Cake from Cubs Buy on Amazon Cubs - Grizzler
5. John Shuttleworth: Cake or Biscuit from One Foot in the Gravy Buy on Amazon One Foot In the Gravy - John Shuttleworth
6. People Like Us: Cream Crackers from Thermos Explorer Free
7. Cookie Monster: Cookie Disco from Sesame Street: The Sesame Street Anniversary Album Buy on Amazon Sesame Street: The Sesame Street Anniversary Album - Cookie Monster
8. Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers: TUC from Music For Biscuits Buy on Amazon
9. Andre Williams: Pass the Biscuits, Please from Mr. Rhythm Is Movin’!. The Original 1955-1960 Fortune Recordings Buy on Amazon Mr. Rhythm Is Movin'!. The Original 1955-1960 Fortune Recordings - Andre Williams
10. The Deep Freeze Mice: I Like Digestive Biscuits In My Coffee from Teenage Head In My Refrigerator Buy on Amazon Teenage Head In My Refrigerator - The Deep Freeze Mice
11. Ed Poole: Viennese Whirl from Headcase Listen

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