PMB155: The Human Brain (Gianni Safred, Stereolab, Akron, Joey Trust, Georges Vert, Lisa Jones Bromfield, The Bran Flakes, Roj, Barry Franklin, Yakuza Heart Attack)

PMB155 The Human BrainJoin us on a journey through the major neural pathways as we explore the crevices and crenellations of The Human Brain.

To evoke this highly cerebral world, you will hear genuine Italian library music, fake French library music, retro-futuristic pop, brand new exotica from Barcelona, edutational rock and some mighty chip-prog from one of favourite bands in Dayton, Ohio.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Gianni Safred: Electronic Brain from Futuribile: the Life to Come Buy on Amazon Futuribile: the Life to Come - Gianni Safred
2. Stereolab: Self Portrait With “Electric Brain” from Chemical Chords Buy on Amazon
3. Akron: Neural Network from Synaptic Beat Buy on Amazon
4. Joey Trust: The Hippocampus from The Conscious Section Buy on Amazon The Conscious Section - Joey Trust
5. Georges Vert: An Electric Mind from An Electric Mind Buy on Amazon An Electric Mind - Georges Vert
6. Lisa Jones Bromfield: The Brain Song from Groovin’ In the Hippocampus Buy on Amazon Groovin' In the Hippocampus - Lisa Jones Bromfield
7. The Bran Flakes: Brain Flakes (Edit No. 7) from Hey Won’t Somebody Come And Play? Buy on Amazon Hey Won't Somebody Come And Play? - The Bran Flakes
8. Roj: Brain Sync from The Transactional Dharma Of Roj Buy on Amazon The Transactional Dharma of Roj - Roj
9. Barry Franklin: Synapse from Bits & Bytes Buy on Amazon
10. Yakuza Heart Attack: Evil Brain from Yakuza Heart Attack Buy on Amazon Yakuza Heart Attack - Yakuza Heart Attack

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The Unnecessary News

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