Soothing Sounds for Baby Raymond Scott #moonbaseessentials

Soothing Sounds for Baby Raymond Scott

Soothing Sounds for Baby Raymond Scott, An infant’s friend in sound.

The cover art shows a sound wave tickling the ears of a delighted looking baby.

You may say, dear project moonbase “I am not a baby.”  Well, try to think of it as a challenge to you, to find your own enduring childlike wonder so that you too can be delighted by these sounds even though you are not a baby and never will be.

Too good for babies.

Soothing Sounds for Baby (1964) a three-volume set of ambient electronic music by American composer, musician, inventor and real 100% genius Raymond Scott.

If I may misquote  Hermann Göring, “When I hear the phrase ‘ambient music I reach for my unnecessarily large hammer of music criticism”, except in this case. This music is not for sitting under pyramids cross-legged or misappropriating beautiful and interesting cultures for a new-age gift-shop. This is not hippy fluff, this is pure science!

Soothing Sounds for Baby sounds like no-one else because no-one else could have made it. Scott created much of the music with instruments he invented, the Electronium and the Clavivox. It is both bizarre and totally accessible. Scott originally intended the music to keep infants quiet, but the music’s soupy, pop and organic-minimalism can be enjoyed by everyone.

This is genuine mind-bending precedent-free musical-oddity. Too good for babies.

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