PMB165: Knickers (Wisbey, Kabuan Garn Yor Yod Yung Yong, Alan Parker, The Martini Kings, Messer für Frau Müller, John Barry, Sven Libaek, Bob Rivers, Fussel, The Pierre Lavin Pop Band, Charles Wilp)

PMB165 KnickersIt’s time to raise your trouser leg or ball-gown above the ankle for this week’s show, dear listener, as we explore the multifarious world of the undergarment. We shall be examining knickers, bras, pants, stockings, thongs and bikinis. Sadly we were not able to include socks in this episode but perhaps we will put together a sock special in a future show.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Wisbey: The Ladies Bras from Now We Are Ten Buy on Amazon
2. Kabuan Garn Yor Yod Yung Yong: Gang Geng Nai Krai Lab (Look Whose Underwear is Showing) from Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s Buy on Amazon
3. Alan Parker: Hot Pants from KPM 1000 Series: Flute for Moderns Buy on Amazon KPM 1000 Series: Flute for Moderns - Alan Parker
4. The Martini Kings: Nylon Jungle (Chika’s Theme) from Camp Burlesque (Music from the Motion Picture) Buy on Amazon Camp Burlesque (Music from the Motion Picture) - The Martini Kings
5. Messer für Frau Müller: Very Sexy Pants from Danger: Retrobolik Buy on Amazon
6. John Barry and His Orchestra: The Stripper from Beat Girl Buy on Amazon Beat Girl (Music From The Film) - John Barry and His Orchestra
7. Sven Libaek: Bikini Girls from To Ride a White Horse Buy on Amazon To Ride a White Horse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Remastered] - Sven Libaek
8. Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio: Walkin’ ‘Round In Women’s Underwear from Twisted Christmas Boxed Set Buy on Amazon
9. Fussel: Thong from Planet Egmond Buy on Amazon Planet Egmond - Fussel
10. The Pierre Lavin Pop Band: Bikini Parade (Colin Berry Early Show) from Girl in a Suitcase Upgraded Buy on Amazon
11. Charles Wilp: Silky Stockings from Bunny Buy on Amazon Bunny - Charles Wilp

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