PMB168: Mothra Fairies – Female Duos from Around the World (The Barry Sisters, Pili Y Mili, Hermanas Serrano, Camille and Kennerly, The Duncan Sisters, Morena y Clara, The Peanuts, Kirsten & Marie, Rita & Sakura, Patience & Prudence, Vainica Doble)

PMB168 Mothra FairiesThis week’s show has had probably the longest gestation of any show, having been in the works for several years. But we got there in the end and so present a selection of some of our favourite female duos from around the world. One country does tend to dominate, however, namely Spain as the female duo format seems to have been a bit of a thing over there.

There is also a Godzilla sub-text running throughout the show which may be puzzling to some but we would like to think our more highly informed listeners will make the connection fairly quickly.

Listen now:

The Music

1. The Barry Sisters: Chiribim, Chiribim from The Very Best Of Buy on Amazon The Very Best Of - The Barry Sisters
2. Pili Y Mili: Un Chico Moderno from Chicas: Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 Buy on Amazon
3. Hermanas Serrano: Pissi Pissi Bao Bao from Pan, Amor y Besos Buy on Amazon Pan, Amor y Besos - Hermanas Serrano
4. Camille and Kennerly: Doctor Who Theme Buy on Amazon
5. The Duncan Sisters: I’m Following You! from The Sisters Anthology Buy on Amazon The Sisters Anthology - The Duncan Sisters
6. Morena y Clara: No Llores Mas
7. The Peanuts: Koi no Fugue
8. Kirsten & Marie: My Dear Buy on Amazon Newspeak - Kirsten & Marie
9. Rita & Sakura: Yin Du Qing Ge from On Show Buy on Amazon On Show - Rita & Sakura
10. Patience & Prudence: Very Nice Is Bali Bali from The Very Best Of Buy on Amazon The Very Best Of - Patience & Prudence
11. Vainica Doble: La Máquina Infernal from Chicas: Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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