Alan Haven – An Image

Alan Ashton, the presenter and producer of the splendid monthly organ-themed podcast Organ1st Radio has recently put together a video around an interview he conducted with one of our favourite organists, Alan Haven back in 1982. The video supplies loads of additional background information and continues the story of Alan Haven up to the present day. There’s lots of music to enjoy too, from Mr Haven himself of course as well as his heroes Jackie Davis and Count Basie. There are also some lovely long lingering shows of Hammond and Lowrey organs to drool over.

If you want to know why we love the music of Alan Haven so much, skip to the 27:30 mark in the video where you’ll hear his sensational version of show favourite Caravan, complete with some photos of camels.

You can find this and plenty of other organ videos on the GramRfone site.

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