PMB180: Tectonic Plates (xyce, Setsuo Ohashi & Honey Islanders, D.A. Medina, The Soundcarriers, Secret Chiefs 3: The Electromagnetic Azoth, Mikael Jorgensen, OOIOO, Satori, Matt Berry)

PMB180 Tectonic PlatesWithout wishing to disappoint our geologist listeners, this week’s show is not actually a show all about continental drift but is instead a musical miscellany of some choice new releases and reissues which have come our way in the last couple of weeks.

We kick off with a track mentioned on last week’s show, a lovely chiptune treatment of a France Gall hit. We also have a track from the latest release on Ghost Box, a track from our favourite female Japanese quartet of (mostly) non-musicians, some under-the-cushion sounds played on a Casio CZ-5000 and the return of show favourite Caravan, this time played on a lap steel guitar – and that’s just the crust.

Listen now:

The Music

1. xyce: sacre charlemagne from 4chpcm love Buy
2. Setsuo Ohashi & Honey Islanders: Caravan from Shiawase Wa Koko Ni Buy on Amazon
3. D.A. Medina: Fa-C.E.O. from Schmaltz Buy
4. The Soundcarriers: The Outsider from Entropicalia Buy on Amazon Entropicalia - The Soundcarriers
5. Secret Chiefs 3: The Electromagnetic Azoth: DJ Revisionist (The Spin Masta, Kultur Killa, With Da Mad Crypto-colonial Skillz) from Book of Horizons Buy on Amazon
6. Mikael Jorgensen: Tectonics from The Cheetah Buy on Amazon The Cheetah - Mikael Jorgensen
7. OOIOO: Atatawa from Gamel Buy on Amazon Gamel - OOIOO
8. Satori: Roam from Kaikou EP Free
9. Matt Berry: Music for Insomniacs Part 2 (excerpt) from Music for Insomniacs Buy on Amazon Music For Insomniacs Part IV - Single - Matt Berry

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

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