PMB194: The Scottish Referendum – A Musical Antidote (Daniel “Kuhneghetz” Ohlsson, The Chalkwell Ladies Drum n Bass League, Lord Laro, Dean Park, Wilbert Harrison, 2manydjs, London Toy Machine, Dieter Reith, Elevators, Bruce Haack)

PMB194: The Scottish Referendum - A Musical AntidoteWith the Scottish Referendum only four days away we thought we might offer up a musical antidote in the form of a show which attempts to bestride several topics including Scottishness, unity, independence, positivity, negativity and neutrality. All hopefully without alienating any of our dear listeners.

Thanks to everyone who suggested tracks for this week’s show. We have wherever possible strived to either use these tracks or at least be inspired by them in presenting you with our selections.

Let’s have a heated debate: Have we completely avoided the issues to your satisfaction? What do you think?

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Daniel “Kuhneghetz” Ohlsson: [NES VRC6 Remix] – Scotland the Brave Watch
2. The Chalkwell Ladies Drum n Bass League: The North South Divide from A Smile Costs Nothing
3. Lord Laro: (Jamaican) Referendum Calypso from Jamaican Hits and Evergreens (28 Hits and Rare Songs) Buy on Amazon Jamaican Hits and Evergreens (28 Hits and Rare Songs) - Lord Laro
4. Dean Park: Wee Andy Webber’s Scottish Medley (With Spoken Introduction) from Dean Park – Live In Concert Buy on Amazon
5. Wilbert Harrison: Let’s Stick Together from An Introduction to Wilbert Harrison Buy on Amazon An Introduction to Wilbert Harrison - Wilbert Harrison
6. 2manydjs: Independent Women Part 1 / Dreadlock Holiday from As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 Buy on Amazon
7. London Toy Machine: Y-E-S from Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Four Buy on Amazon
8. Dieter Reith: No No No from The In-Kraut – Vol. II: Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany 1967-1974 Buy on Amazon
9. Elevators: Just Say Oh from Linoleum Buy on Amazon
10. Bruce Haack: National Anthem To The Moon from Farad: The Electric Voice Buy on Amazon Farad: The Electric Voice - Bruce Haack

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The Unnecessary News

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