DANGER 5 SEASON 2 TRAILER – The Greatest Television Show in Human History is back!

Warning: Contains tomato-sauce-violence, Hitler holding flaming chainsaws and a teddy bear firing a machine gun. Not suitable for babies.

We so enjoyed the Australian, action, comedy gem DANGER 5 season one that we said:

DANGER 5  is the greatest television programme in all of human history ever.

This time we say:

DANGER 5 has everything you need in a tv show: Christmas, Sharks, Hitler, bad dubbing, cardboard props, dinosaurs, bongo music, pretty ladies  and cold hard facts about WW2.

We can hardly believe both our eyes and our ears that DANGER 5 is back for another season which now seems to involve the only two ingredients missing from season one: the 80s and time travel. This time it’s personal.

Listen to our Other Voices ep, to hear music from Dario Russo Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack).

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Are you looking forward to it like we’re looking forward to it?

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