PMB203: Bongos A-Go-Go (Ray Barretto, Les Baxter, Terry Snyder, Jack Burger & Danny Gould, Jack “Bongo” Burger, Serge Gainsbourg, Sammy Davis Jr, Jack Costanzo, Chaino, Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica)

PMB203: Bongos A-Go-GoGet your fingers loosened up, dear listener, as we bring you a frenzied fiesta of bongo drumming. Having said that, as you will discover, in the right hands the world of the bongo can in fact be a seductively smooth experience.

This week’s theme was suggested by listener Randy Poe, who was responsible for the splendid Gene Rains reissue earlier this year which prompted heated debate on the show.

We encourage you to try playing along with the tracks in this week’s show, though we have to ask ourselves, will you be able to keep up?

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Ray Barretto: From Russia With Love from Señor 007 Buy on Amazon
2. Les Baxter: Reverberasia from Skins Buy on Amazon
3. Terry Snyder & The All-Stars: Tabu from Persuasive Percussion Buy on Amazon Persuasive Percussion - Terry Snyder & The All-Stars
4. Jack Burger & Danny Gould: Basic Bongo Pattern from Lets Play Bongos Buy on Amazon
5. Jack “Bongo” Burger: Mambo Burger from Shaken Not Stirred Buy on Amazon
6. Serge Gainsbourg: Pauvre Lola from Gainsbourg Percussions Buy on Amazon Gainsbourg Percussions - Serge Gainsbourg
7. Sammy Davis Jr: West Side Story Medley: Jet Song/Something’s Coming/Cool/Tonight/A-Me-Ri-Ca/Gee, Officer Krupke/Maria from Live In Concert Buy on Amazon
8. Jack Costanzo: The Peanut Vendor from Latin Fever Buy on Amazon Latin Fever (Remastered) - Jack Costanzo
9. Chaino: Breathing Bongos from Africana & Beyond Buy on Amazon
10. Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica: Would You Like Bongos With That Fugue? from Where Here Meets There Buy on Amazon Where Here Meets There - Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica

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