PMB209: Pylons and Power Stations (John Baker, Josephine Premice, Barry Gray, Raymond Scott, Concretism, Ceephax, Yakuza Heart Attack, Sabrepulse, General Electric, christ.)

PMB209: Pylons and Power StationsA potentially highly dangerous show this week dear listener as we embrace two of our great passions: pylons and power stations.Our high voltage selection includes celebrations of various forms of electricity, as well as a cautionary tale about the use of a cyclotron.If you would like to explore these topics further, you might also be interested in our show about electricity and our show about radioactivity.

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The Music

1. John Baker: Power Source MQ LP39 from The John Baker Tapes Volume 2: Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads 1954 – 1985 Buy on Amazon
2. Josephine Premice: Leave De Atom Alone from Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age Buy on Amazon
3. Barry Gray: The Reactor (part 1) from Captain Scarlet Buy on Amazon
4. Raymond Scott: Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. “395” from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon
5. Concretism: Magnox Listen
6. Ceephax: National Grid from Cro Magnox Buy on Amazon
7. Yakuza Heart Attack: Power Surge from II
8. Sabrepulse: I <3 Voltage from Famicom Connection (Complete Edition) Buy on Amazon Famicom Connection (Complete Edition) - Sabrepulse
9. General Electric: PDM (Power Distribution Management) Can Do (Go Fly a Kite, 1966) from The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals – The 1960s, Vol. 1 Buy on Amazon The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals - The 1960s, Vol. 1 - General Electric
10. Barry Gray: The Reactor (part 3) from Captain Scarlet Buy on Amazon
11. christ.: pylonesque from pylonesque ep Buy

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