PMB210: Futurism, Energism, Bambooism (Paul Hart, Sharda, The Soulless Party, Dario Russo, Cavern Of Anti Matter, The Advisory Circle, Teisco, Brian Bennett, Conrad Wedde)

PMB210: Futurism, Energism, BambooismTime to catch up with some new releases and reissues on the show this week, dear listener.

We have a couple of selections from what we hope will be an ongoing series of reissues of the Bruton Music Library by Dutton Vocalion. Hot on the heels of Bombay Disco volume 1 comes volume 2, from which we have a track. Our favourite documentary series about Hitler’s time in an American high school, Danger 5, has released a 100-track(!) soundtrack album. There’s also a brand new/old track from Soulless Party, some Italian library music, the latest release from Field Hymns and we finally catch up with the new release from the Advisory Circle as well as one side from the latest 7″ by Tim Gane’s latest project.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Paul Hart: Pace of Change from Futurism Buy on Amazon
2. Sharda: Hotel Mein Bottle from Bombay Disco 2 Buy on Amazon
3. The Soulless Party: Moscow from Archive Material 1998 – 2002 Buy on Amazon
4. Dario Russo: Space Kalinka from Danger 5: Series 2 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon Danger 5: Series 2 (Original Soundtrack) - Dario Russo
5. Cavern Of Anti Matter: Cluster Of Rainbows from Total Availability and the Private World Buy on Amazon
6. The Advisory Circle: Escape Lane from From Out Here Buy on Amazon From Out Here - The Advisory Circle
7. Teisco: Luce Notte from Musiche De Teisco (Remastered) Buy on Amazon Musiche De Teisco (Remastered) - Teisco
8. Brian Bennett: Getaway from Drama Montage Buy on Amazon
9. Conrad Wedde: Bamboo from Space World Buy Space World - EP - Conrad Wedde

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

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