Playlist, 03 January 2010

The Show
On tonight’s show we looked back at 2009 and played some of our – and more importantly your – favourite tracks played on the show last year.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium, our disinformer-in-chief told us about mystical asparagus, the all-new 4th dimension and glowing Welsh science.

The Music
1. The Simon Sound: It’s Just Begun
2. Jack Parnell: Cha Cha Rock from Trip to Mars
3. OOIOO: HEWA HEWA from ARMONICO HEWA (requested by Squig)
4. Douglas Wood: Folk Ghost from G-Spots (requested by @KingNirdle)
5. Holden: Mia from Fantomatisme (requested by Space Disco Jeff)
6. Belbury Poly: Widdershins
7. Wing: The Man in the Mirror from Beat It (requested by Jill Hardy)
8. Les Paul and Mary Ford: Caravan
9. John Zorn: Miller’s Crake
10. Buzz Aldrin (@therealBuzz): Rocket Experience
11. Pixelh8: Contains Mild Euphoria from And The Revolution
12. Panta Rhei: Caleidoscope from Epilogus
13. Peter Herbolzheimer: Wild Chick
14. Keith Mansfield: Gold Medal – Middle Section from Flamboyant Themes Volume 1
15. The McCain Brothers: The Legend of Guan Di
16. 8bit Project: Stairway To Heaven from Spicy Innovator Vs Superior Marionette (requested by @GarethDEdwards for @tinyblob)

The Disinformation

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