PMB216: Rough Diamonds (Tätärä, The Ventures, Scott Ludwig & Maximillian, Leo Diamond, The Bird & The Bee, Les Baxter, Marty Gold, William Shatner, Roy Budd, Harry Partch, Ferrante & Teicher, Dario Russo, Esso Steel Band)

PMB216: Rough DiamondsThis week’s show is part of our series on minerals and precious gems. We aim to eventually cover all the minerals and gems known to science. Look forward to our all-quartzite show.

For our look at the world of diamonds, we have German brass, microtonal marimba and some of the most terrifying (un)easy listening harmonica you are ever likely to hear. We’re also delighted to announce the return of steel drums!


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The Music

1. Tätärä: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend from Dingdingding Buy on Amazon Dingdingding - Tätärä
2. The Ventures: Diamonds from Surfing Buy on Amazon Surfing - The Ventures
3. Scott Ludwig & Maximillian: The Diamond from The Sounds Of Tomorrow Buy on Amazon
4. Leo Diamond: Jungle Drums from Subliminal Sounds Buy on Amazon Subliminal Sounds - Leo Diamond
5. The Bird & The Bee: Diamond Dave from Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future Buy on Amazon Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future - The Bird & The Bee
6. Les Baxter: Dancing Diamonds from Jewels of the Sea Buy on Amazon Jewels of the Sea - Les Baxter
7. Marty Gold: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds from Moog Plays The Beatles Buy on Amazon Moog Plays The Beatles - Marty Gold
8. William Shatner: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds from The Transformed Man Buy on Amazon
9. Roy Budd: Diamonds from Vigilante! Buy on Amazon
10. Harry Partch: Diamond Marimba from The World of Harry Partch Buy on Amazon The World of Harry Partch - Harry Partch
11. Ferrante & Teicher: Diamonds Are Forever from Great 1970’s Motion Picture Themes Buy on Amazon Great 1970's Motion Picture Themes - Ferrante & Teicher
12. Dario Russo: The Diamond Girls from Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) - Dario Russo
13. Esso Steel Band: Sweet Caroline from Front Street Buy on Amazon

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