PMB218: Variable Currents (datassette, Dieter Reith, Weave of K., Yvette Horner, The Pattern Forms, Jean-Pierre Decerf, Steve Moore, Disasterpeace, John Carpenter)

PMB218: Variable CurrentsIt’s time to catch up with some of our favourite recent releases and reissues to reach us here on the Moon.

We’ve got business funk from an extraordinary new collection from datassette, some German space disco from an associate of The Herb, French library music, tracks from the latest two releases from Ghost Box and the show reaches a truly portentous pinnacle of horror with music from Disasterpeace and the debut album from up-and-coming talent John Carpenter.

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The Music

1. datassette: Incident Desk (2010) from Offal (1999-2014) Buy
2. Tender Aggression (Dieter Reith): Pace-Maker from Die Kette (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon
3. Weave of K.: I Left My Palpitating Heart in San Francisco from Let’s Go Home EP Free
4. Yvette Horner: Ragga Scottish from Yvette hors norme Buy on Amazon Yvette hors norme - Yvette Horner
5. The Pattern Forms: The Sacrifice from Other Voices 03 Buy on Amazon Other Voices 03 - Single - The Pattern Forms
6. Jean-Pierre Decerf: The Cool Brain from Space Oddities (1975-1979) Buy on Amazon Space Oddities (1975-1979) - Jean-Pierre Decerf
7. Steve Moore: The Moon Occults Saturn at Dawn from Other Voices 04 Buy on Amazon Other Voices 04 - Single - Steve Moore
8. Disasterpeace: Title from It Follows Buy on Amazon It Follows (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Disasterpeace
9. John Carpenter: Vortex from Lost Themes Buy on Amazon Lost Themes - John Carpenter

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The Unnecessary News

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