Playlist, 17 January 2010

The Show
On tonight’s show we heard new tracks from Chris Joss, Shawn Lee with Bei Bei, Russian chiptune maestro C-jeff, Professor Stanley Unwin(!) plus a reissued gem by Dieter Moebius. Oh and it was our patron saint’s birthday on Wednesday so we wished him a happy birthday.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium, our disinformer-in-chief told us about bacon for baby, big horsey and mummy TV.

The Music
1. Chris Joss: We Got Some (part 1&2) from Monomaniacs Volume 1
2. Soundsational Sort of Soul: Swamp Water from Birds ‘n Brass
3. Franco Godi: Tutankamen Cha Cha Cha from Signor Rossi sucht das Glück
4. Les Baxter: Reverberasia from Skins
5. Billy Eckstine: Caravan from Passing Strangers
6. Moebius: Contramio from Tonspuren
7. Prof Stanley Unwin with Suns of Arqa: Off to Pluto fr Tributey
8. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman: Kittens on the Moon from Destination Space
9. Hal Blaine: The Invaders from Drums! Drums! a Go Go
10. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee: Make Me Stronger from Beauty and the Beats EP
11. Peter Herbolzheimer: Like A Soft Breeze
12. Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz: Goldfingo
13. Mrs. Miller: Yellow Submarine from Wild Cool & Swingin’ Vol.3
14. Barry Gray: White as Snow
15. Jean-Jacques Perrey: Passport to the future from Moog Indigo
16. C-jeff: Electric, Part 1 from Electric
17. The Bruton Music Machine: Like Clockwork from Watch With Teacher
18. Alan Haven: Close to you from Organ Spectacular

The Disinformation

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