PMB234: And So To Sleep (Jeff Bridges, Pye Corner Audio, David McCallum, Raymond Scott, Matt Berry, Peter Herbolzheimer, Lullatone, Henry Mancini)

PMB234: And So To SleepIt’s time to pop the jim jams on, dear listener, for a thoroughly deserved lie-down after last week’s frenetic show. Yes, it’s all about snoozing this week – but please do try to stay awake until the end of the show.

This week’s theme was largely inspired by a singularly odd piece of recording by none other than Jeff Bridges. We’ll say no more about it, other than that you should prepare for quite a strange evening in.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Jeff Bridges: Introduction (Good Evening) from Sleeping Tapes Buy on Amazon
2. Pye Corner Audio: Sleep Games from Sleep Games Buy on Amazon
3. David McCallum: Insomnia from A Part Of Me/A Bit More Of Me Buy on Amazon
4. Jeff Bridges: Hummmmmm from Sleeping Tapes Buy on Amazon
5. Raymond Scott: Sleepy Time from Soothing Sounds for Baby: Vol. 1 Buy on Amazon
6. Matt Berry: Relaxation Podcast Listen
7. Peter Herbolzheimer: Falling Asleep from Big Band Man – The MPS & Polydor Studio Recordings Buy on Amazon
8. Lullatone: The Bedtime Beatbox from The Bedtime Beat Buy on Amazon
9. Henry Mancini: Sleepy Lagoon (Stereo) from The Versatile Henry Mancini Buy on Amazon
10. Jeff Bridges: Feeling Good from Sleeping Tapes Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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