PMB237: Left Right Left Right (Jacqueline Taieb, Clark Terry, Kaj og Andrea, Stockholms Barnkör, Grand Kalle & L’African Team, Ivor Cutler, Henk Van Montfoort, Míša Ružicková, France Gall, Manuele Cid, Count Basie)

PMB237: Left Right Left RightIt’s time to explore the ambivalent world of the left and the right on the show this week, dear listener. We were considering doing a show of left tracks -vs- right tracks but, strangely enough, most song-writers out there seem to want to cover both hands at once.

However, we have still managed to a cajole a few nursery rhymes to do battle with each other. We also have not one but two yé-yé takes on the left and the right and there’s even an academic discussion about Indo-European linguistics to look forward to.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Jacqueline Taieb: La Premiére Å Gauche from Femmes De Paris – Groovy Sounds From The 60’s And 70’s – Vol.2 Buy on Amazon
2. Clark Terry: La rive gauche from Color Changes Buy on Amazon
3. Kaj og Andrea: Højre Venstre from Kaj og Andrea Buy on Amazon
4. Stockholms Barnkör: Vänster, höger from Vänster höger och andra goa barn sånger Buy on Amazon
5. Grand Kalle & L’African Team: Gauche, droite: Débordement from 1967/1968/1970 Vol 2 Buy on Amazon
6. Ivor Cutler: Turn to the Right from A Flat Man Buy on Amazon
7. Henk Van Montfoort: Van Links Naar Rechts from Vlaamse Troeven volume 54 Buy on Amazon
8. Míša Ružicková: Levá a Pravá from Zpíváme a Tancíme S Míšou – V Africe
9. France Gall: Links vom Rhein und rechts vom Rhein from En Allemand – Das Beste Auf Deutsch Buy on Amazon
10. Manuele Cid: A La Main Droite from The Best Of French Nursery Rhymes For Harp Buy on Amazon
11. Count Basie: Left Hand Funk from Count Basie: Live In Japan ’78 Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Shazam for birds: new app Warblr can identify songs of 220 British birds
A new app has been launched which can identify the songs of 220 British birds. Warblr, has been developed by two scientists, Florence Wilkinson and Dan Stowell, using a grant from Queen Mary University of London’s Innovation Fund. The app costs £3.99 and works in a similar way to Shazam, the music app which identifies songs playing from a huge database of tracks.

The Amazon Left-Hand Portal

We mentioned on the show Amazon’s left-handed store and there’s probably Amazon’s right-handed store if you fancy that.

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