PMB264 The Rainbow Collection: Purple (Alpha Boy, Bertrand Burgalat, April Stevens (with Nino Tempo), Flower Travelling Band & Kuni Kawachi, Meridian Brothers, Charles Wilp, Ensemble Pereprava and Tatyana Chernova, Ken Nordine, Emil Richards, Wild Land Trio, Pancake Manor)

PMB264 The Rainbow Collection: PurpleYes, it’s the long awaited return of our cut-out-and-keep Rainbow Collection with the almost last show in the series.

As we approach the end of the visible spectrum, we arrive at plumptious purple, with a show of fake 80s, very gentle Japanese heavy metal, radioactive Russian pop, bucolic militarism, a sprinkling of percussive atonality and we leave you with some highly colourful edutatinment.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Alpha Boy: Purple from Home Buy
2. Bertrand Burgalat: Survet’ vert et mauve from Toutes directions Buy on Amazon
3. April Stevens (with Nino Tempo): Deep Purple from Teach Me Tiger Buy on Amazon
4. Flower Travelling Band & Kuni Kawachi: A Puddle and a Purple Vetch from Love Suki Daikirai (Where My Voice Can Be Heard) Buy on Amazon
5. Meridian Brothers: Niebla Morada (Purple Haze) Buy on Amazon
6. Charles Wilp: Purple Playmate from Bunny Buy on Amazon
7. Ensemble Pereprava and Tatyana Chernova: Lilac In Blossom from Masterpieces of Russian Songs Buy on Amazon
8. Ken Nordine: Purple from Colors Buy on Amazon
9. Emil Richards: Amethyst (February) from Stones Buy on Amazon
10. Wild Land Trio: Lilac from Classic Songs of Prairie Trio 6 Buy on Amazon
11. Pancake Manor: Purple from Colors! Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Inflatable T-RexIf you have a large purple machine which is missing a variety of differently-sized purple bolts and washers, this Aluminium Assorted Sizes 2000 Piece Purple Cabinet from Pro-Bolt is what you’ve been looking for. 2,000 pieces of purple aluminium, in all the most popular sizes, can be yours for the bargain price of £2000.

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