Playlist, 25 April 2010

The Show
DJ Bongoboy was your musical guide for proceedings. On the show this evening we featured music from Tristram Cary, Bruno Spoerri, Giorgio Moroder and of course something from The Herb.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium, our chief of disinformation, told us to beware of aliens, tea and racist spread.

The Music
1. Kai Rautenberg & Orchester Jürgen Ehlers: Moon Mission from The In-Kraut Vol 2
2. Alan Haven: St Elmo’s Fire from St Elmo’s Fire
3. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley: The Little Man from Mars from the In Sound From Way Out
4. Tristram Cary: Divertimento from It’s time for Tristram Cary
5. Bruno Spoerri: Les Electroniciens frm Gluckskugel
6. Peter Herbolzheimer the Rhythm Combination and Brass: These Boots Were Made for Walking from Big Band Man
7. Vinnie Bell: Tea for Two from Sixteen Big Hits
8. Johnny Pearson: Mini Motoring from Speed and Excitement
9. Tristram Cary: Torture SFX Part 1 from It’s time for Tristram Cary
10. Peer: Dance 2 from Dances
11. Hugo Strasser: Black Night from The In-Kraut Vol 2
12. Gannon: Toy Volcano from Toy Volcano
13. Bruno Spoerri: Lilith – The Dance from Gluckskugel
14. Tristram Cary: Sputnik Code from Sebastian OST
15. Flying Lotus: Unexpected Delight (feat Laura Darlington) from 1983
16. Alice Coltrane: Sita Ram from Translinear Light
17. Keith Mansfield: Teenage Villain from Beat Incidental
18. Giorgio Moroder: Battlestar Galactica Suite from Music From “Battlestar Galactica”

The Disinformation

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