Playlist, 13 June 2010

The Show
We had a veritable smorgasbord of musical delights on the show this evening, including music from ITC programmes of the 60s, a selection of chiptune, The Herb of course and some new Dutch space disco. We also heard more from the jaw-dropping Music for Mentalists compilation which caused such a stir on last week’s show.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium told us tales of wonder about Brian-nav, Face in Space and how to lure a jaguar.

The Music
1. Johnny Gregory: Carioca from French Polish
2. Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra: The Magnificent Seven from Motion Picture Themes Cha Cha Cha
3. Edwin Astley: The Champions cue 7 from The Music of ITC
4. Reginald Bosanquet: Dance with me from Music For Mentalists
5. The Disco King: Carry On Wayward Son
6. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Round And Round from Before Today
7. Soreng Sani: Iron Man
8. Roberto Auser: Sultano from Secret Carnival
9. Laura Huxley: Rainbow Walk (DJ Bongoboy Mix) from Recipes for Living and Loving
10. Baked A La Ska: Oxygene, Pt. IV from Baked a la Ska
11. Animal Style: Outer Trace from TRENCHVENT
12. Glenn Derringer: Caravan from Glenn Derringer Accent On Youth
13. Sergio Mendes: Ponteio from Sergio Mendes’ Favorite Things
14. Peter Herbolzheimer: Bossandry from Big Band Man
15. Laurie Johnson: Jason King – incidental from The Music of ITC
16. Ken Griffin: Bumble Bee On a Bender from Ken Griffin At the Organ
17. Dana Countryman: Ragtime for Robots from Moog-Tastic
18. Felix Kubin: Hello from Matki Wandalki

The Disinformation

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